Here are a few things about this crusade:

We had the kind of results that usually would be gotten only if we spent 10 times or more than what we spent on this one. That’s definitely God’s hand behind this event.
We invited more than 300 hundred Pastors to become part of this crusade, we also gave them gifts at the end of the crusade. They all encouraged their church members to bring along their unsaved friends and family to the event and the anointing of God was so heavy on that night that it’s almost tangible to physical senses!!!
After the preaching that night, we asked people to raise their hands if they’re wanting to receive the salvation that God has provided through Jesus Christ, The Son of God!
We asked them, again and again, to put down their hands if they’re raising up hands just as worship or as a habit (believers do that). And after all such hands went down, there were at least a thousand hands raised up high in the air and almost all of them have tears in their eyes! IT WAS ONE NIGHT, I’m getting chills again even as I’m writing this down!!!