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Frank & Dr. Neelam Rassmann

Morning Star Academy School, with almost 500 children learning Christian songs and praying Christian prayers, being taught from the Bible. A doctor in the Compound earns about $185 per month. A nurse makes $90 per month. A teacher makes $55 per month. Revival broke out here in 1999. Miracles, supernatural manifestations of God’s love occurring regularly. read more>>

Jai & Yori Mallipudi

God has been amazing in our CALL AND VISION for India. God has opened a tremendous door to reach one of the Hindu-school students yesterday after Sunday worship was over. A Hindu called “Ideal English Medium School” has invited Yori and me for their farewell function. God really used me and Yori to share about Jesus. Two young people gave their lives to Jesus and they got water Baptism. Their names are “Shekar” and ” Sunita”. read more>>

Melchishua Paul Kolugury

We are working in the borders of Maharashtra state and Telangana state. We are concentrating on the children ministry, helping 900 children in 30 villages of two states. We are providing them with FREE tuitions and helping them in their education and providing them with their necessary needs. read more>>

Michael Hung Naing

We aggressively desire to fulfill the Great Commission by proclaiming the gospel message to the unreached, assisting each other to reproduce churches, caring for orphans so that they will know the love of God, and equipping and training new believers from every tribe and send them back to their native areas for expanding the kingdom of God in all of Myanmar.  read more>>

PG Vargis

PG Vargis was born in a very remote village in South India. His father practiced a syncretistic faith of eastern orthodox Christianity and local forms of Hinduism. As a young man, P. G. Vargis tried to find meaning in all kinds of religion, including flirtation with black magic. Disenchanted, he became an atheist. He soon began to indulge in various vices.  read more>>

Rajesh Tatapudi

We bring our little ministry before you for your prayers and your blessings would be so helpful to our ministry in Him in the days come. Beloved in Christ, I am Rajesh Tatapudi from India, Servant of the Lord for the Last 10 Years working in a village Mandapeta and surrounding villages, As the Lord, laid on me the kind responsibilities,  read more>>

Samuel Dasi

Here we are Light Viewers Ministries from Machilipatnam, Andhra Pradesh, India.
Government Register No 172/15. Here I am Rev Samuel Dasi graduated D.Th in Maranatha Bible Training Institute, Chennai; B.Th in Emmanuel Training Institute, Kota, Rajasthan- India. We have started 5 Churches in 20 years and gave 190 baptisms and we do have 1 church building and the rest are rented houses. Currently, we have churches in Machilipatnam, Gollapalem, Rudravaram. Nelakurru and Thungalavaripalem. When we bring 10 or more people to the Lord, we plant a church in that area. read more>>

Samuel Thirumeni

With joy in our hearts, we share with you of what the Lord is doing in India through Grace to Children Ministries. Poor widows and children are supported by Grace to Children Ministries. Helping to provide medical operations and supporting crippled children. Five pastors who are doing ministry in villages are being supported and we gather with them for prayer once a month. We have a church building project in Kanchipuram.  read more>>

Spurgeon Babu

“I have a vision to win souls and plant 500 churches, to send and support 1000 ministers to win souls, to increase orphanage work to 5000 children, to increase to support 500 widows, to start a new hope centre for HIV / AIDS rehabilitation with dormitory, hospital for medical aid, free food, shelter, clothes and spiritual leading (situated) in 25 acres of ground with buildings for them. It will be a model village and refugee center for them to give new hope and life with God”  read more>>

Sudarsanam Samuel

Sudarsanam Samuel is ministering to 15 pastors who work in remote and rural tribal areas. “We recently started a SCHOOL OF MINISTRY with 40 students and we are teaching 7 subjects for this 1st semester and this school will continue until February. We desire to have a library for the BIBLE SCHOOL students and to be able to build a room under the GROUND FLOOR OF OUR BUILDING. read more>>