Dr. Nitin Khandagale

Being a medical doctor turned as evangelist, always thirsty for a real living God.

I use to worship creations sun and moon bow down before them. But that quench me not. Mathew 5:6.

I need to be filled with His presence always by praying, worshiping & adoring God. So that I may lead others to in His presence. Psalms 16:11.

God will show me a path of life. In Your presence there is fullness of joy. Our mission is to glorify God by seeking to know Him, and to open the eyes of the blind, Isaiah 35:5,6,7 Luke 4:18. A highway shall be called the highway of holiness. We feel called to equip the church without twisting the word of God. 2 Peter 3:16

In 1997-98 I got saved by the grace of Our Lord. While worshiping Lord in evening fellowship, I saw a man in white garment welcomed me. I didnt understand who He was. But next day that vision was clear. I saw Jesus standing infront of me, calling towards Him with His hands drops of blood were coming out. At one time I saw heavenly Jerusalem. I felt that light would consume me. These are last days as bible says Joel 2:28, 29.

My wife Sunita works as a pediatric nurse. My hearts desire is to plant churches, to build a hospital in rural areas to help downtrodden.

Khandagale April 2014

Evening Crusade