A humble servant of India teaching Dalit (Untouchable) children with the Touch of Jesus Christ, John carries a burning passion for the neglected. This comes from a life of first-hand experience: a childhood spent as a member of the “untouchable” class to which he now ministers. The fruit of this experience is a labor of love which is currently reaching untouched villages with the Way, the Truth, and the Light. India: A land of one billion souls with over three million gods. With an average income of under $300 a year, many who are of lower income, particularly the Dalits or untouchables, have to fend for themselves. This answer to this dilemma is the love of Jesus.
John Ebenezer reaches India with that love through church planting, the drilling of wells, caring for the orphan and the homeless, and more.

John has a vision for a new school near Hyderabad to reach out to “untouchable children”. They have very little chance of an education without our help. The goal is fifty students. Help is needed for teachers, cooks, sanitation staff, and house parents. A child can be supported for $40.00 per month with tuition, housing, food, and uniform.
John also feeds widows who have no support and are not able to work. For $10.00 a month a widow can be given enough to survive. John has loving women pastors who care for and minister the love of God to these precious ladies.

Wells can be drilled in Andhra Pradesh rural areas for $850.00 giving 5,000 or more access to clean, safe water.
Churches can be built for $10,000. USD. John has built two churches in the last year.