Rev. Melchishua Paul Kolugury

Ministry: Mamre Ministry Trust

Ministry Introduction
We are working in the borders of Maharashtra state and Telangana state. We are concentrating on children’s ministry by helping 900 children in 30 villages in two states. We are providing them with FREE tuition and helping their education by providing them with their necessary needs. Through our children’s ministry, we are able to reach many villages and reach poor children for Christ.
We assist 10 pastors through our ministry, run self-help training programs like tailoring for women and making them self-supportive, and also facilitate residential bible training with 20 students graduating every year. We further publish a magazine in English and Hindi combined, through which we are able to reach many Christians and make them grow properly in the Lord.
Through bible training we are equipping young people for Christ. We are able to train them for one year and make them grow strong in the Lord. Our pastors are working in the villages and reaching the unreached areas for the Lord.
Our Vision is to reach the unreached villages of Maharashtra and Telangana state and start reproducing churches. We want to reach them through social activities like helping their children by starting orphanages and giving them FREE tuition and giving village women self-help training and bring them to the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
In next 4 years, we want to start an English middle school and help 500 children by giving them FREE education in English.
We want to support  30 pastors through our ministry and BLESS their families. We want to reach 1000 new villages and start small group prayer cells in as many villages as we can.
We want to start an orphanage and give shelter to many orphanages.


We want to reach everybody for Christ. Through children’s ministry, we want to reach the children and through them reach their parents. Through self-help training we want to reach the women and through them their husbands and the whole family.

We are able to reach every group of people through our activities. Our ways of doing ministry:

  1. Children Ministry
  2. Residential Bible Training Program
  3. Village Ministry (evangelism work)
  4. Self Help training program for women
  5. Magazine Ministry and Gospel tracts printing ministry

K. Paul: April 2018

Dear Sir, Greetings to you in Jesus name. Sir, as we conducted graduation on the 14th of this month, we also inaugurated some small things for the development of our campus. Every day children are coming into our campus and spending their time in our campus and celebrating their picnik.They bring some eatable things from […]

K. Paul: December 2017

Dear Sir, Thank you very much for inaugurating our campus playing equipment’s.Today children came to our campus and enjoyed their time in our campus.We brought only one centers children today.Children came from one of our “Children Care Center’s” and this is the first time in their life that they have this experience of playing with […]