Rajesh Tatpudi

We bring our little ministry before you for your prayers and your blessings would be so helpful to our ministry in Him in the days come.

Beloved in Christ, I am Rajesh Tatapudi from India, Servant of the Lord for the Last 10 Years working in a village Mandapeta and surrounding villages, As the Lord, laid on me the kind responsibilities:

  • looking after and running a little Orphanage with 20 very dear poor destitute orphan children.
  • We have Pastors Prayer Fellowship Meeting, every month on 2nd without fail.
  • We provide Food for very dear poor and needy in their deep distress.
  • Bible woman and poor old aged woman, helping to the widows and for environmental calamity disasters.

We do all these charitable services just overshadowed by, led by, and provided by the almighty God, and of His loving people compassionate gifts and kind contributions only. Which we depend on faith basis and kind benevolence of His Holy saints like you.

I am serving Him with every integrity and lay aside entanglements which hinders me like affliction, oppositions, and starvation but out loving God has been helping and preserving us to reach our destiny.

That I have commissioned to communicate the people with the power of the Gospel of Christ and show the mercies of God

We pray and hope that we would look for your kind encouragement for His dear children.

“Among the righteous, there is a favor.” Proverbs 14:9 “But I trust on your unfailing love.” Psalms 13:5
*And now we are very happy to work, join with you to have the blessed Holy fellowship in Him.

Please do remember us in your valuable prayers, love, and kind. You are in our hearts and prayers. We always are mentioning you all in our prayers especially before our every meal table.


The mission, passion and purpose of our Ministry is to share the love of God; to present the gospel of Jesus Christ; to express the meaning of faith and to demonstrate the power of prayer as well as love of God and His compassion.

The vision for God’s work / Acts : 20 :24

When I was in Bible collage the Lord given name for our Ministry that is CHRISTIAN GRACE MINISTRIES AND MY VISION FOR HIS WORK …….

  • Church planting
  • Caring orphans, poor widows
  • Old aged women, Handicaps, Blinds
  • Christian Melodies
  • Literature Translation
  • Medical comp for the poor & needy sick in slums
  • Social services
  • NOT I BUT CHRIST Magazine
  • Gospel crusades
  • Pastors Prayer Faith Fellowship

Please pray and keep us in thy valuable prayers and Love, Your Gracious support is needed today to continue this mighty outreach and God’s work

In His vineyard, Pastor. Rajesh Tatapudi