Spurgeon Babu

“I have a vision to win souls and plant 500 churches, to send and support 1000 ministers to win souls, to increase orphanage work to 5000 children, to increase to support 500 widows, to start a new hope centre for HIV / AIDS rehabilitation with dormitory, hospital for medical aid, free food, shelter, clothes and spiritual leading (situated) in 25 acres of ground with buildings for them. It will be a model village and refugee center for them to give new hope and life with God” Spurgeon Babu.

Spurgeon Babu is also the founder and president of Youth Gospel Crusade.

(Youth Gospel Crusade is a Christ centered, Bible based, Faith oriented, Prayerful, charitable, non-profitable, Service oriented and Indigenous Full Gospel Ministry with Signs,Wonders and Healings ministry in Andhra Pradesh, India.This ministry is fullfilling challengingly His great command “Go ye into all the world, and preach the Gospel to every creature” Mark 16:15)