I just wanted to touch base with you all before I leave for Italy and France. We leave here on Oct. 8 and arrive in Rome on the morning of the 9th. We leave for Sulmona, our jumping-off place to Pacentro and Alba Fucens, on the 12. From there we go to Paris on the 16th via Rome and leave Paris on the 20th for home, arriving home on the 21 after overnighting in DC. As you can see we have lots of travel days…my favorite. Just kidding.
We are sensing that we are stepping up a few steps in spiritual warfare with what we are to do this trip. There are some high-level principalities over the areas we will be in as well as in the structure of the Catholic Church which is where most of our mission takes us.
France is new territory for us and so are the small mountain villages in the Abruzzo region of Italy. We have no insight as to why we are going to the villages we just know we are to go there, as it was given clearly to me in a dream. We are sensing a lot of our trip this time will be spent in worship. What better way to destroy the powers of darkness than to exalt the name of Jesus in the midst of them.
I will keep this short as you already received the details about the plumb line and what we are to do with that. We have two destinations we know of that are crucial in Rome, the Milvian Bridge and a church Constantine started in Rome. We also believe we are to go to Santa Maria Maggiore, another church in Rome. In Paris, we are to go to the Eiffel Tower (given in a dream), Notre Dame (with the plumb) and the Arch de Triomphe (given by others).
Please keep us covered in prayer as we engage the enemy with what we are doing. We will not directly attack any principalities; we are smarter than that, but nonetheless he will not be happy with what we are proclaiming from the word and through song. Cover our travel in prayer as well. We have several flights and buses and trains and taxies to get us to where we are going. We are praying for the Lord’s favor with transportation as transportation can be one of the bigger expenses of the trip. We need to hear clearly each day for the Lord’s agenda and not our own.
The Lord gave me three words, govern, scepter, and signet. All three words carry governmental ramifications to them. Not sure what this will look like but I believe we have been given a new level of authority this time out. Pray, we will steward it well, led by the Holy Spirit.
You know the rest we need to be prayed for, no lost luggage, Divine appointments, everything left behind to be well and taken care of, restful sleep each night, health, strength, and safety. We have a place in the mountains it will take a miracle to get us to and we have transportation needs in Sulmona to Alba Fucens. We just want to do the Lord’s will and accomplish all He has intended for us to accomplish including hanging the plumb line from Notre Dame no matter how crazy and impossible that sounds. God’s got this!
Thank you for your prayer covering and financial support; you make all this possible. Email or WhatsApp us while we are gone anything you hear from the Holy Spirit for us. No texts please they will cost us $10.00 a day. With a heart of thanksgiving to you, Leah