• The year 2018 CMM / Mission Congo DRC gave itself in the training
    the capacity of its members for the national unity of Pastors and Servants
    in Africa. As a result, we have been building on capacity building training for
    Christian Leaders. and as he is God he has assisted us in all

    Here are some points that we want to plan for this year 2019. First
    of all we pinpoint some points:

  • National Conference of Unity for Pastors and Leaders (more than 500
    leaders of different faiths)
  • Leadership Training
  • The evangelical scope

    Is it possible to find the manual CMM crusade for preparation and
    planning including how we can do our fundraising outside for the
    realization of conferences and different CMM Construction Projects /
    Mission Congo DRC this year 2019.

    To this end, our organization CMM / Mission Congo DRC wants to get rid
    of all the plagues that happened in 2018 and discouragement of our
    members. This is why we are interested in this report to see that this year CMM
    / Mission Congo DRC wants to achieve something that honors our God in
    the Democratic Republic of Congo and all the Departments pray to God to put everything into practice, especially on the basis of effectively proclaiming the Kingdom of God.

    As far as the Administration is concerned, we ask our superiors to help us increase the office workers as we are ten now. We covet your sacerdotal prayers as they touch the hearts of men of good faith to assist these workers quarterly with a few bonuses as the spirit directs you to do quarterly, at the end of March, the end of June, the end of September and the end of December according to the modality of what God will do for those who suffer for his work (Ecclesia 11: 1). I am ready to work and to advance the work of God in the goodness and the fear of God without looking left or right. I pray that we will be united in the same spirit, love, and achievement.

CMM / Congo DRC Mission
Director Noe Sakahandu Luya