I want to thank you because of your support which you have been sending to us for the work of God and also to the people of Malawi, yes if there floods you support us and the communities of Malawi. So please God continues blessing you there and His work.
 The pictures show the work while we were at the Baptism place I was Baptize people after Baptiz I was lay hands and pray with them to receive the Power of the Holy Ghost. As you see I was just come out from the water.
The last photos shows the floods which has taken place here in the some parts of Malawi manly in the Districts of Nsanje and Chikhwawa, as you see I was there and I saw with my eyes the crops washed away by the water and their houses even livestock has taken away people are indeed starving and they needed the help. Please help us. May God bless you. Amen. Your Brother in Christ,
Pastor Steven Saizi Phiri.