December is the month of advantages to sharing the Gospel because most of the people do not understand the essence of the meaning of the Christmas. But the word ‘Christmas’ is found in the shopping mall, supermarket, Christmas discount and so on. It is the time of Cold Season and the weather is not cold and hot.


I have a special privilege to distribute the gospel tracts, especially in the downtown because there are many people going here and there. The whole month the gospel tract I used “It’s Christmas Time” which is written by Writer Soul. The track tells us that all about Christmas, the meaning of Christ, Jesus Christ, and so on. He explained about Charismas in detail.

As I am one of the Executive Committee members of Shwepyithar Township Christian Churches Council, we have a plan to share the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ to unbelievers. We printed Christmas Celebration Invitation(CCI) which was given to some ministers in order to give unbelievers so that they will come. By God’s mercy and grace, about 100 unbelievers came to the Christmas Celebration, we taught some short Christmas songs and they enjoyed participating. We invited Rev. Liana to share the meaning of Christmas and the redemption of our Lord Jesus Christ. The hearers felt joyful and happy as we are because we put the Gospel seed in their hearts. We told them to participate in some ministers’ house church if you have some more questions. After the service, we give them food.

What’s more, we the Shwepithar Township Christian Executive members did the first Christmas Celebration at the Township Party Office, the Winning Party of National League for Democracy (NLD), which won 65 percent seats of Parliament both Upper House and Lower House in 2015 Election. Some areas in Shwepyithar Township, the Quarter Administrator and people disturbed and oppressed some house churches or church planters in many ways. So, if some forces by monks or quarter administrator come, the winning party will be asked for assistance. That is the reason we first did Christmas celebration at Township NLD. I chaired the celebration and introduced the meaning of Christmas and Rev. Mangano delivered the Gospel message to Township Parliament Member, two township Investigation Officers, important members from township NLD Office. As Myanmar Culture, after the service, we served them traditional food. We all thank God for this greatest opportunity to talk with them and ask their phone number and told the situation of Christian ministers in our areas. The Chairwoman expressed her gratitude to thanks us because it is the first experience and time of NLD Office. At the same time Region Parliament Member, Yan Aung Min said thanks to us as well. We prayed for them, the country, the process of ceasefire and peace in Myanmar, the president, and upper and lower houses parliament members.  After that, we have lunch together served by Shwepyithar Christian Executive Members.

We celebrated Christmas Service on December 23 Sunday. We invited unbelievers on Sunday, no one will show up. I invited Buddhists to come to Christmas festival, 10 unbelievers came on that day. I explained the meaning of Christmas, Calendar Year was because of the birth of Jesus Christ the Savior, and then I spent time telling and drawing about the Redemption of Jesus Christ, the Cross, and His blood.

On Christmas Day we celebrated the Birth of Jesus Christmas at the Secretary House Church of Myanmar Great Commission Ministry.

God had mercy on my family and we are able to send my two kids to the dentist. Both felt teeth-painful and cannot sleep a night and eat food. Now they got better.

I always keep guard houses in order to do  House to House Evangelism. It depends on their permission to go to their houses. Their free time is mostly prioritized.

I went to evangelize and I saw one was laying down on his bed, I called for a woman to enter her house, I started speaking with her, asked to pray for her husband. By God guidance, I got the opportunity to present the Good News of Jesus Christ, at the same I prayed for the sick man. He is very old.

I met a gentleman who feels lonely, has a kid. His wife was run away with a man, and she left her husband and a kid. So, he was alcohol addicted. After he shared about his life situation, I started stirring up his mind and heart, ask the question ” Do you want your son to be called the son of alcohol addicted?, Do you want to be the brave farther? Do you want to be praised by your son when growing up? Do you want your son to be an educated son? Do you want your son to be a beggar or a degree holder in the future? And so on.

He praised and thanked me that the life in Christ, life walking with God has a special power to come over the evil works. He made up his mind to do my advice. The importance of life on earth and the eternal life in Christ Jesus the Savior.  Wonderfully, God speaks to his heart and accepted Jesus redemption from sin. His name is Mr. Pho Nge.

House to House Visiting Evangelism Meetings

House to House Service does regularly.

You are honored to pray for the following Prayer Request Items:

  • To purchase a permanent residence
  • To have micro business.
  • To have Church Planters Supporters.
  • To support orphans
  • To meet house lease