I as RCCMP Mission Director wants to says thank to all of you for your kindness and Love and Financial Support for Pakistan – We are pleased to acknowledge you for supporting RCCMP since last 2005 till present and during these years RCCMP had try his best to won/bring more than 85000 – 90000 soul in His kingdom through it present running projects mentioned below:-

A):- Our spiritual ministry is involved to church planting (plant churches for new believers + for helping persecuted churches & body of Christ) AND conducting prayer meeting, arranging seminar and holding crusades for Evangelistic and Healing in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ to unsaved people and those who caught in different diseases. 

B):- Our social development project is focusing its activities on the socio-economic development of a poor and deprived segment of the Christian community in Pakistan. We are providing financial support to poor and needy people from our limited resources for their education and equipping them through skills in order to earn reasonable wages to service in society. RCCMP based on education, positive physical and intellectual activities, providing the basic needs, protection of basic human rights and fighting against poverty.

C):- Our Christian Community development projects is focusing its activities to save persecuted Christian:

1):- Children (age 5- 15 years) from violence, sexual abuse, Human tracking, using and selling drugs through kids

2):- Young Women/Girls from domestic violence, Society abuse, Rape by Landlord or rapped by Group (brutal rich people).

RCCMP especially standing AND fight against all children’s right to survival, protection, development, and participation is in line with the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and other human rights conventions.

RCCMP believe that Church is the symbols of God and as a body of Christ we need to bring His glory from heaven to Earth to save Christians Children and young Women/Girls from all kind of Persecution and Discriminations happing in developing countries.


As you know our country going with the world biggest challenge of Terrorism and nowadays religion extremism against the minority in full boob right now. Even religion extremism and Taliban openly through TV media, the Internet, social media, print media giving the challenge to destroy and prosecute Christian (body of Christ), start a war against Evangelism and Pastors.

Now I would like to request you behalf on all the RCCMP International – Please, kindly do continue to support RCCMP International – because with your kind support and help RCCMP will get golden opportunity to equip the body of Christ and guide them to live their life on the right path and empower them to face challenges and stand against their rights and take back what belongs to them.

It will happen as we stand together and support the work of the ministry with love and prayers…Thanks and be blessed and looking forward to hearing from you.

Yours in Him

Pastor Tahir & Saima
RCCM International
Pakistan, Middle East & Germany