We have been doing this feeding program for several years. It’s been our prayer that God may open ways for them to have a school and a place to call home. We pray God will bring people from all walks of life to stand with us in making them a people in a community. We have them in our heart and we hope that God will hear their cry.

Our orphans and vulnerable children receive Jesus Christ in our Sunday church service. We have both girls and boys who need proper education so that one day they may be a blessing to the community. In them, we can have future leaders in various sectors.

We thank God for Jorge Parrott for whom God has used to allow the prophetic team to prophesy insights for our ministry that is now reaching out to people. The prophecies came to pass. We have received so many children that reach beyond the boundaries of different faiths. May you please pray for our vision for the children above.

Reps of MorningStar Mission – Kenya

Feeding program