Thank you so much for your assistance in renting the house.

By the grace of God, I got a chance to show Jesus Film for the children in the unbeliever’s tent where is a 30-minute drive.

We invited around 35 children. But, in the beginning, 28 children came to the tent. They watched 25 minutes and went backed to their homes. Only 19 watched it up to the finish of the film. It is the first time for them.

After the film finished watching the video, we explained how Jesus died on the cross for sinners in the world.

I raised questions: “Who is Jesus?, What has He done? They answered these two questions. In addition, I explained the reason why Jesus died on the cross.

By God’s mercy, 19 children including the children answered all my questions. They all said YES on my questions and they understood clearly.

Blessings, Michael Naing