We are having a hard time because of our very good friends who are getting divorced. They were very important people in the house of prayer and we were in the worship team together. They are Gypsies and the girl cheated on him, so as gypsies do she was separated from her child and she had to move away from Seville if she wanted to be alive because his family is not Christian. He doesn’t want to be with her anymore. She was very stubborn in many ways, rejecting all kind of spiritual help. And now she is thinking about suicide. It is difficult to accept what is happening. We cannot believe it. We are finding out many things we didn’t even expect. God was talking to me about her in dreams, but till now I didn’t really understand it. Gypsies culture is cruel. We needed to step back in order to be safe. We helped to hide her in the hotel, but now she is gone with her family. 
Besides all of this everything is fine. We keep praying for the church and the thing about the Holy Spirit. It has calmed down a bit right now. Next week we will be setting a healing tent in one village where our friends are starting the church. It is going to be our first time and we are thrilled to offer people healing there. In May we celebrated 4 years of the house of prayer. Time goes so fast. I can hardly believe it. God is good and we see how we have grown as a group. Now we are teaching them to prophesy, and it is an incredible experience for all of us. For many of them, it is a first time experience. 
Finally, this year we will be visiting our families. At the end of July, we are flying to Poland. Also, our pastors from Seville will join us in August for the weekend and will preach in our church there. 
This is going to be a first time for Hanna too. She is such a big girl.
We hope you are all well. We bless you with God’s strength and divine health. 
With love,

Justyna and Rafal and Hanna