I joined a Ministry which has people from Malawi, Zambia, and Mozambique.
Acts 1:8 say You shall receive power when the Holy Spirit shall come upon you and you shall be my witnesses from, Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria and to outer most parts of the world.
We enjoyed preaching to the lost souls, showing Jesus films, encouraging churches, people got saved, delivered from evil oppressions, healed from different diseases. What a great joy to go ye into the world to share the gospel.
On Friday we did 4 open-air campaigns and 3 Jesus film shows and we had close to 131 Souls that came to Christ, On Saturday we did 6 open-air preachings and 3 Jesus film shows. We had 217 souls won to Christ. In total we had 318 souls won to Christ.
My outstanding Testimonies are many on the second day and thirds day but will share only 5.
  1. On Saturday the second open-air a man who came drunk. After preaching he gave his life to Jesus. When it was time for prayers: He came to me saying, that he is decided never to go back boozing again, he was crying and he also said he could not even marry because all women would not accept him due to how he would get drunk and cause confusions. He said we saved his life from a great mess. We left him dancing and he said he will start church immediately. Glory to God.
  2. At the 3rs open air. As we were praying for the people with different problems. A schoolgirl came to me. She asked me to pray for wisdom to Excell in school. I told her to lift up her hands, she reacted saying, “Uh”. I said lift up your hands then she could not. I prayed for wisdom, then all over sudden the evil spirits started manifesting, then my friends joined me in the battle, she started confessing that she is a Satanic, she came to disturb the open air, she deceives teachers, she deceives girls to do abortions, she said she is a queen at the waters. We took almost 40 minutes to deal with her. Then later she confesses Jesus as her personal Savior and left the whole family into the pastor of that place to disciple them. Glory to God.
  3. After showing Jesus’ film. As we were praying for people. A man who was limping came to me. When I asked him what to pray for. He said he had plans in the right leg and severe backache pains. I parked for the first time. He said the pains were still there. The second time he said pains in the leg are gone. I asked what about the backache he said it’s still there. The 3 Rd time I prayed for the backache and pains left. I told him to walk he walked properly and then we glorified the Lord together. From that, I realized that going Yee to the whole world is a blessing. Glory to God
  4. when I was leaving Malawi I prayed that the Lord should send me to the Sunday service as he wills. Most of my friends were sent to the town churches but for me, I was sent to the farthest church where did the farthest open-air meeting. I was very happy because if I were to chose I would not go to a dusty place like that. But because I prayed and asked God to send me where he wants I was very happy. Glory to God.
  5. in the church service, I shared the word from Acts 3 about the lame man who was been carried. I challenged them that this man great need was not money but his healing that he can start doing things on his own. It was indeed good.
After challenging them with the message. I asked the church if I can minister prayer to their lives. Many people came to the front for prayer. As I was praying for the people the power of God started touching people some falling down and one woman vomiting, deliverance took place from demonic attacks. Glory to God.
Thanks, Harvey