By the grace and mercy of God my family are fine and I am able to do mission works as much as I can. I praise God for protecting my wife and kids under His wings.  Good health is the biggest blessing from God more than any other things.

I thank God that I keep on distributing the Gospel tracts to places. If you and your friends write Gospel tracts, you are warmly welcome to introduce me Gospel or evangelism tracts so that I will translate it into Burmese language and It will be printed and distribute to unbelievers. Especially, I prefer tracts for unbelievers-focused to believers-focused. It is my request to you if you enable me for that.

I met with Mr. Bawi Lian when I went to evangelism and had talks. He accepted Jesus as personal Savior and Lord. So, he was invited to come to Home-Church. I praise the Lord for him that he came to me. He lives far from me. We hope that he finds a church near so that he will be able to attend when the factory he worked has holidays.

I thanked God that the first meeting with Mr. Phone Khawi and spent time with him and asked some questions about his future. He is not sure about life after death. I started telling him about the Gospel Message of Jesus Christ. He said, ” I understood what you told me, but it is hard for me to believe your Jesus Christ who redeems us from the bondage of sin”. Please stand with me and pray for him so that the Holy Spirit will speak to him in his heart and mind in order to be born in Christ.

Night evangelism is done after one year and a half conversation and friendship. Mr. Ko Zaw’s family were approached to share the good news. He always denies talking about the Christian religion.  God answers my prayer, I was permitted to enter his house and pray for his wife and daughter, hallelujah, praise the Lord! To God be the glory! Now the door is open to sharing the good news of Jesus. I need your prayer assistance for him so that his family will be a member of God family.

At the same time, after he heard the Good News, he invited his friend or another guy so that I will pray for him and tell about Christ. God touched unbeliever to call his friend so that I will share the message.

As told you, I am one of the Shwepyithar Christian Churches Association  Executive members, we appealed to meet Shwepyithar Township Administrator Authority, and they said to us that they were busy, not the time to give us for a meeting. But we keep on asking the Lord to meet them. God’s help, we are permitted to meet them. Last month, we met them twice. We are able to introduce them we are Executive Leaders of Christian Churches Association in Shwepyithar Town. We agree to help each other if there were some oppression or persecution.

We  Shwepyithar Executive Leaders or directors celebrated a year-anniversary in last month. We did a great job for Christians in many ways. We are able to encourage some church planters inwards or quarters as there are 24 quarters or wards in Shwepyithar township. At the same time, we are able to apply to the government so that the separate Christian cemetery land will be given. It is accepted by the Yangon Region Officers and the Chief Minister including Municipal Officers.

The Night Service was done nicely with three household members. Some children around their house came to listen and I  told about God who He is and so on. It was wonderful that their parents did not say anything to their children who were invited by my members’ children.

Guests came to Yangon Region, they did not have a place to stay at home, one of my friends requested to stay at my home. A man with a Coca-Cola bottle asked me some questions on Salvation. I used white-board for drawing pictures in the day time. They all are clearly understood concerning about Salvation of Jesus Christ. We all together celebrated their joyfulness in heart and mind.

Please pray for the following Prayer Request Items:

  • To purchase a permanent residence
  • To have a micro business.
  • To have a monthly supporter.
  • To have Church Planters Supporters
  • To meet renting house cost
  • To support orphans