Hola from Puerto Maldonado!
     Up early for a flight to Lima, quick change and off to another place to minister this evening!  As always, to wake up on the earth, is another day to live for the One who gave it all for life eternally and the privilege of spending life to make a be a difference in the lives of everyone, everywhere, now!  We are eternal beings having a temporary human existence and we were born from above to be given away in love while alive on earth!!!
      As you know, I write quickly so have a few minutes and I appreciate all of you that pray and support us and DOAN here and one way to thank you is by letting you hear and see what God is doing because of you, we do life together!
      One thing I do while being with pastors and leaders is to simply live out the gospel of the kingdom in front of their eyes.  Yesterday, the first thing we did was go to the office of the governor of the entire province I am in, of which Puerto Maldonado is the capital.  The governor was traveling so I met with the number 2 man in the province and that is him with me in the office.  The press was there and this picture will be in the newspapers.  The amazing thing about this man is that he is only 25 years old! What I am holding in my hand is something you see in the Amazon and it is filled with nuts that are healthy and one of the products marketed to provide not just what the seeds inside do for your body but income for the Peruvians and wealth for the city.  God really touched this man and like the mayor the day before, he gave us his full support for everything we are doing in One Nation One Day.  It was a rich time, the guy is amazing!
       After that my translator and one of the pastors of our team here went to a coffee shop.  There was a couple there with a baby and my translator and I went over to talk to them and the only size bill I had insoles was like $30 American value, so I just thought to give it to the mom to buy things for the baby.  For sure, they were shocked, dad and mom and that led to a time of prayer and God touched them.  I took time after to talk to the pastor about the lifestyle of simply doing good and healing the oppressed and Jesus was always walking about doing so.  The waitress, no picture for this, was from Venezuela and before leaving we prayed for her and she had accepted Christ before and we ministered to her dream of having her own business.
      Then we went to the center of the city and there is that tall building that you take an elevator to the top and can see the city and the Amazon on all sides as the city is the gateway to the Southern Amazon.  The elevator was broken so we had to climb the stairs but before we did, I stopped to speak to the woman who was like the guide and after about 10 minutes she gave her life to Jesus.  Then we went to the top and a quick picture of the view, the Amazon in the distance.
       They are proud of their food in this city and Peru does have amazing cuisine!  As we were paying the bill, one of the pastors with me said the woman at the register wanted to know who I was.  She was overhearing what we were talking about.  Well, I leaned over the counter and began to share with her and also about her life and what was going on.  I could see the Spirit of God touching her as did my translator.  There was a line of 6 men waiting to order their food so I stepped aside and waited for all of them to finish.  I was not going to leave until she was saved.  So right there, this young woman really gave her life to Jesus Christ, the translator could feel the power of the moment as he said and she was so transformed.  That is her in the last picture in the restaurant.  She genuinely was converted and I had one of the pastors come and talk to her as she wanted to follow up on her decision and serve God and this pastor has a healthy church and is a true shepherd so they talked about where the church was and it was a great lunch!!
      The rest of the day was more of the same and ended near midnight after the Lord moved wondrously in the church I was at, especially in healing the sick.  No pictures for that, but recorded in heaven for sure!!!  
      Blessings to all of you from Peru and thanks for praying.  My wife is improving physically and I noticed a real change over the last few days and so has she.  I continue to be undergirded by your prayers to have the stamina and be quickened constantly as the strength and power comes from God and in our weaknesses, we are made strong to be able to impart life to all we meet, amen!
      And daily, God continues to touch hearts to provide specifically for the Amazon Boat cost and the deadline for that is May 31, just a few days away.  You can check the status of that by looking at the link at the end of this email.  As you know, DOAN is also funding others and covering other costs for the Amazon trip a little over 3 weeks away and the birthday fundraiser is also still a source of that being helped.  So I am thankful and just blessed to see many of you releasing your love to make all this happen for the Lord Jesus Christ to made known down the Amazon River!
                        blessings, pastor earl in Puerto Maldonado