Using Darwins Strategy
Charles Darwin was not received well by the senior professors of his era so he went to the younger and emerging ones: the PG top science students. Recently we went to  a top science post grad college and did 2.5 hour seminar with 100 mostly students and a few professors. At the start 70% voted that there is no God and evolution is true. (Atheists). I spoke first for 1 hour proving the existence of an intelligent designer from scientific evidence concerning DNA, dark energy, sharks 3D electric field sensors, a-bio-genesis, polypeptide chains, uni-cellular self replecating organisms and wood peckers. Then I spoke on the scientific inaccuracies of common so called proofs of evolution including homology, comparative embryology, fossil record, Darwins finches, 4 wing fruit flies etc. Finally we had a 30 minute debate. Now these top physics, chemistry biology students are mostly specializing to be science university lecturers not Drs or engineers, hence their study of raw science. They will each train more than 1000 science high school and A level teachers over the next 10 years who will each teach more than 1000 students in science , that’s a million kids… I think you can see where this is going. After the debate we had the second vote. This time 75% of the original “atheists” changed their minds and their was a 93% increase in the belief in God. The students personally came up to me after and said they had never heard this side of the arguments before… I think in UK if we had used this strategy 30 years ago we would not have the massive Christian decline…Charlie and his ridiculous deception spread through convincing just the science professors the rest was automatic, I hope the same happens in reverse in India!