Greetings from Myanmar.

Thank you very much for your prayer support to reach the people who do not know Christ, and did not commit his/her life to Christ as a Christian. It is my responsibility to reach the Gospel to everyone in any possible ways.

I started going to my born-village in Chin State on March 17 and coming back to Yangon on April 27.

It took me 40 days to arrive back to Yangon. When I considered to do it, it seems easy. In practical life it is very hard, the walk-lane or street people drive a motorbike. It is extremely narrow. Before 2015, people use foot to reach the city and it took us three days.

Last year 2018, I was one of the members in Believers Group on Viber. A Singaporean posted, “I brought two projectors for Myanmar pastors or ministers to donate. It is a used-projector.  I commented  on Viber that I need one. So,  he texted me in private box. I replied him that projector will be used for showing Jesus video. That is the reason that I got a projector.

I pray to God that I would like to show Jesus Film during my visit to my native village. I inquired to buy it, one of my friends guided me that the selling DVD of Jesus Film is at Campus Crusade for Christ. I bought Jesus Film for Adults and Jesus Film for children.

When I told about this program, Pastor Benjamin, my friend agreed to use his laptop computer for reaching the Gospel Message of Jesus Christ. He has a burning heart for the lost souls and even nominal Christians. Therefore, I will send my laptop computer to proclaim the Life Of Christ through you. I used his computer for showing video. It forced me shown the Jesus Film from  village to village.

As we know, the video (visual) makes them tear down or happy or joyful and so son. Even the Christians are touched by preaching, the video is more powerful than the message shared sometimes. God’s Word is not limited and lives are changed and touched by His Word when we present it in many possible ways to hearers.

I carried my clothes, water, fuel, computer bag and projector. It is more difficult than my thoughts. When I fell down on street, no one is there to help me.

I rent 125 Motorbike 10000 MMK for per day. I started going to Dawm Lam village. I faced felling down from the bike because the lane is small and narrow. In other words, I can drive motorbike only smooth street or cemented street. The place I went is the mountainous or hilly villages. The foot-walk-lane is up and down; it is very hard for me it is my first experience.

Thanks for your faithful prayer Support to complete this project. Because of you not only unbelievers but also believers are committed to believing Christ and following Christ through Jesus Film.

The life God given to us is to implement His Great Commission whether it is easy or difficult. It is no option for us.

I cannot do it by alone, your prayer makes me done some works for kingdom extension and now we together do a great job and put the Life Of Jesus in the hearts and minds of the people. Thanks again for your prayer to Myanmar so that I am able to do something different in villages.

Prayer Items:

1. To meet monthly supporter for my family and house renting in June. Hung Naing

Great Commission Ministry

Jesus Film Gospel Trip Report as follows:

To be matched with pictures I gave the pictures’ name as villages’ name.

1.     Imnu Village

There are 46 houses in Imnu village, I rent generator and started Jesus Film in my first time at open-air place. I showed it at night time only. Some are Christians are animists. It is their first time experience to watch this film. Old men and women came to see it. According to the village leader, there are 160 people. It is believed that over 100 people watched it. Most of the people have pity on Jesus. I asked, “ How do they think on Jesus’ death and trial on the Cross”.  Now they said that they believed in God and accepted Jesus as the Savior, they realized in hearts and minds that the payment of Jesus on the cross is more precious and solemnized than what we read in the Bible and heard from the Bible. People are committed to surrendering their lives in Christ when they visualized the Jesus Film. They felt happy and some Christian households invited me to have breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Open-Air I used Projector and equipment.

2.     Cheng Village

There are 65 households in Cheng village. 40 households are Christian as people were asked and they told me it in the exact number. Of Christians, some are nominal Christians. When I asked about the Savior  Jesus Christ. The don’t even know Who is Jesus, What did He do … etc?  More than 130 people came to watch Jesus Film. I asked help from Middle School Headmaster to use the public school and I gave 5000 MMK for it. More than 130 people including children attended to see Jesus Christ. When Jesus was tortured, people shouted and had mercy on Jesus Christ. Children enjoyed tasting the value of Jesus’ pay on the cross for sinners or sins of the world. All understood the real meaning of what Jesus did on the cross.

School Hall projector and equipment are used.

3.     Khum Bak Village

There are 16 households. That is an unbelieved village. A Christian from Cheng village assisted me to reach Khum Bak village. He has a household which parents are his friends. That is the reason I am able to show the Jesus Film. They said, “We have heard about Jesus Christ”. But this Jesus Film touched their hearts and minds. Normally I asked the question is how do you feel by watching this video? It is amazing and penetrating their hearts and minds. They clearly understand the Savior of Jesus Christ, how He cleansed the sins of sinners and give people eternal life by His substitution on the cross. Thank God for what He has been doing to His people.

I used a computer only to show video for two hours and twenty-five minutes.

4.     Cho Village

I visited the summer festival in Cho Village. They all are animists. My first purpose is to show Jesus Film. When I talked to people about Jesus film. They are interested in watching it. They love dancing and enjoyed eating and drinking alcohol. Therefore, I changed to show Children Jesus Film. The first an hour more than 25 watched it and 6 men came and joined it. But last only 15 children were left. After watching it, I started sharing about God and about Jesus, they had a new experience from God and video. During their watch, they asked the names of the people from video and it was helpful to visualize the Savior of the world. Children went back home with love and joy which is from God. They all fare willing to follow the prayer after me.

5.     Kyawng Yakawk Village

There are 80 houses in Kyawng Yakawk village. One of my friends serves the Lord as a pastor, my classmate during my high school days. Jesus Film is the first time to show there. It is the first time they heard of Jesus. 35 households are my friend’s members. The rest are Animists. It is strange for them, I did not use the word Jesus because they will think that they are going to be persuaded to Christians. There are about 160 people who came to watch video. I used the Church building to show the video. Some Christians cried when the persecution of Jesus Christ. They are convinced that who they are in in Christ.

It is believed that they will be talking about the video of Jesus Christ because the villagers are going together, working together; when they gather together, what and how their experience will share each other.

6.     Khak Bu Village

Around 90 people showed up to watch the video. They are eager to see it. There is no generator to use it.  That’s why, many people watched on a computer, which is the best way. All the hearers from video made a decision to follow Christ instead of following Satan as animists worship satan or spirits in rock or trees.

7.     Dawm Lam Village

There are 50 houses in Dawn Lam Village. Half of the houses are the Roman Catholic Church. I had a chance to show Jesus Film. RC strictly prohibited to enter in their village such as protestant churches. According to one of the villagers, half are animists. Day time is a working day, night time, some are coming back to their village. Some have slept at Fieldwork areas. More than 150 people are living there. But about 55 people showed up to watch Jesus Film. Some came to believe in God and clearly understood the Savior Jesus Christ.

When all the people were asked about the video, they realized that the Savior of Jesus Christ paid the debt of human beings on the Cross.  I wanna express that God is working through the video so that people visualized it and believed in Him.

8.     Lei Kui Village

There are 16 houses. 10 houses are Christians. There are about 50 people who came to watch Jesus film. 7 people confessed that Jesus is the Savior and Lord. It is amazing for me. They said that how painful that he paid the price for us. He substituted for us. No one can be able to compare the payment of Him than other things in the world. Some children said “YES” when I asked to choose the way to heaven through Christ Jesus. They clearly understood the solemnity of Jesus Christ on the cross and life on earth. They said that it is undeniable that His substitution and atonement for sinners is precious than precious things in the world.

9.     Apo Village

The village is unbelieved one. The public school was used after permission was given to me by one of the school teachers.  About 45 children not including 10 men or women are watching the video. Children raised their hands when I asked questions ‘Who is the Savior for your lives in this world? , who is the way to get to heaven? Why we will be in heaven? All answered my questions biblically. Please thank God with me for little children.