Meet and Greet

Israeli Mayor Benny Kashriel and
Israeli Ambassador Earl Cox

May 17, 5 PM

The River Place, 8400 Regent Parkway
Room #102, Fort Mill, SC 29715

Meet a prominent mayor from Israel and come
hear an insiders view of what going on today.

Benny Kashriel

Benny Kashriel is the Mayor of the Israeli city Ma’ale Adumim located approximately three miles outside the city limits of  Israel’s capital, Jerusalem.  The US State Department considers the city an Israeli settlement in the West Bank but we know it as Judea and Samaria. The Jewish Virtual Library notes that Ma’ale Adumim is described in the Book of Joshua (15:6-18) as a border area between the tribes of Judah and Benjamin.

Benny has been called the ‘soul’ of Ma’ale Adumim as he has devoted his life to the city and has served as Mayor for approximately 20 years.

Mayor Kashriel is so devoted to his city and its people that he has refused the offer multiple times to serve as a Member of Israel’s Knesset.  He believes strongly that serving as mayor is a higher calling which greatly contributes to Israel’s plans and survival.

He is a staunch Likud (consolidation/unity) party member who encourages everyone who wants to express solidarity with Israel and the Israelis to visit the beautiful and modern city of Ma’ale Adumim.  He counts it an honor to serve as its mayor and wants you to know that everyone is welcome in Ma’ale Adumim.

Earl Cox 

Earl Cox previously served in senior level positions in the administrations of four US Presidents. 

Earl was called by God to support and serve Israel in 2000 in what he describes as his own “Damascus Road” experience. Answering God’s call, Earl moved away from his political career forfeiting an opportunity to serve as an  Ambassador to a country in South America. However, he did become an Ambassador for Israel dubbed and certified by Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as his Ambassador of Goodwill to Christian and Jewish communities around the world. This honor was given by PM Netanyahu to one other person and that is the Chief Rabbi of Efrat, Shlomo Riskin.   

Ambassador Cox is also currently a broadcaster and journalist who writes for the Jerusalem Post and other news outlets. In addition,  he co-hosts a pro-Israel radio program called FrontPage Jerusalem. Earl Cox and his wife have devoted their lives to helping Israel and her people.

Earl is a true friend of Israel.