The Beauty of God

“You will see the king in his beauty
and see a land a far off” Isaiah 33:17

That promise was fulfilled in Jesus, the King demonstrating the beauty of the Lord on earth as it is in heaven and David said the ONE THING he desired was to behold the beauty of the Lord. Jana and I ministered together in a few of the services and I did the rest, all the services in this church of 6,000, the 3rd Sunday in a row that this has happened. The pastors gave us complete freedom and even the offering times! They are so hungry for the Holy Spirit and God did not disappoint.

The presence and worship focusing on Him alone saturated the people who wept, worshipped, stood transfixed in the awe of His face all day long, each service. Then we had the people themselves lay hands on the sick each service, so hundreds and hundreds were healed and this is now the norm for this church and ministry since we came. The testimonies of what God has done the last 3 weeks continue to pour in and the marriages, families, lives, and ministries that God has transformed. This is what your prayers and giving have been part of making happen. Right at the moment that Pastor Juanita’s mom passed into heaven after sudden hospitalization and all the trauma around this, God has ministered to the family and our friendship and relationship is one of beauty in itself. What an honor!

Last night after the last service I had promised to meet a broken family. The wife and her 2nd husband, a stern military disiplinarian, proud also, black and white kind of guy and her 22 year old daughter by her first husband and her 2 young daughters were there. I had met the mother last weekend and she told me the 22-year-old, backslid, left home 4 months ago. I told her to call her daughter and what to say. The daughter came to church 4 days later!!! Last night, I watched the Lord’s beauty bring that whole family to tears, hugs, joy, and restoration and what a moment! She came back to God, and her stepdad was melted by the Lord and became a different man!

Another day to Love Lima and thanks so much for being a part of it…..
Earl and Jana in Peru