Let Heaven and Nature Sing! 
     Angels are always bringing good news, announcing glad tidings, rejoicing when the subject is Jesus!  Joy to the world, the Lord has come!  Whenever one looks at Jesus alone, the only response will be joy!  Even in the presence of enemies, rotten circumstances, conflict and contradiction, the Psalmist says, God is preparing a banqueting table, a feast in the midst of it all.  Imagine being in a real difficult place in life and fighting for things important to God and love based, and God shows up and says, “What would you like for dessert?”  
     This morning I got an email from a site called, “Learning Mind”, shows up each day and this one had me laughing.  I wrote a bit on it for the facebook fundraiser for the children and families in Nicaragua, Janas birthday wish but I really do not know who reads the posts and not to everyone but those invited to party with God to create parties of gifts, food and love in Dario and Managua.  
                   “5 Signs of Compassion Fatigue And How To Deal
                                          With It As An Empath”
     An empath is a person who feels empathy, a lot of it.  One who feels deeply what others are going through and can many times feel the emotions of what people actually are experiencing.  Very sensitive and huge hearted.  You have heard the word empathy of course and not just feeling but doing something about alleviating suffering in any form! 
     I told Jana, “well God is sure does not have compassion fatigue”.  Her response, a typical one,” neither should we”.  How true! 
    As I posted this morning, Enlarge our hearts to compassionate as never before, broaden our shoulders to joyfully carry the burdens of others, give us the exhilarating party heart of God and angels whenever we see opportunities to celebrate and dignify people with our gifts, embraces, words, kindnesses, finances, time and make this day an overwhelming shower of the rain of your cheerful downpour of goodness not just to these children and families in Nicaragua but to everyone, everywhere, now!  
    It is really simple. To know Jesus in truth and worship Him for who He is, one will do exactly what He did as HE “went about doing good and healing all those that were oppressed of the devil, for God was with Him”.  One sure way of having an abiding nearness of God to you is to be where He would be.  Searching and looking around, going about, walking towards human need and being a philanthropist, which is what doing good means.  
    Anyone can be and do this.  God is with us as we do.  Amazing!
    So lets move into the huge heart of God, His crazy generosity to people not just time of year but as a lifestyle.  I was so motivated by that phrase, 5 signs of compassion fatigue, lets see how we can live till it actually might happen.  Just how much can we do for family, friends, strangers, others, and even enemies thrown in.  Lets hear the music and party with angels and rejoice in feeling and sharing the heart of God like never before! 
    That is all I wanted to share and thanks to all of you who have been so kind, good, loving, caring, sharing, giving to and through us and I am fired up to finish this year strong!  Love ya, pastor earl and jana