Hola and Benediciones from Cusco, Peru!
     I just wanted to touch base and give you a quick update of the doings of God in Lima and Cusco, Peru.  The last picture you see is of one of the 5 services in Lima on Sunday.  Plane was delayed, so got a few hours sleep and then watched God move powerfully all day Sunday, each service led by the Holy Spirit as the pastors hunger gave room for what God wanted to do.  I am not able to take a lot of pictures but there were 1,500 people in this service and there were 4 more and as the Pastor said, he had never seen or felt the presence of God to the degree in his church like that.  The focus was on the face of God and the wonder of Jesus and you could see His presence descend upon the congregation and all over the building, in their seats, they encountered Him.  Like Job said, he had heard him by the hearing of his ears but now his eyes have seen him and that was the testimonies that came forth all day long.  Even between services in the pastors office, just God deeply ministering to the family and it was such an honor and all glory to the Lamb.  Yes, souls saved, bodies healed, and lives transformed!
    Cusco was the capital of the Inca Kingdom and as I do not want to be long in emailing, it is called the navel of the earth and Machu Picchu is one of he 7 new wonders of the world.  It is in the Andes Mountains and 11,152 feet!  Yes, you need to eat coca leaves and take pills to avoid sickness etc.  I am doing great!   So far we have had a team meeting with our 4 Cusco coordinators and other pastors working with us, a service last night for young people, today a meeting with many pastors and yesterday I spent time with a pastor and his wife.  Tonight I am speaking about an hour away at a church and meetings with coordinators, churches and leaders the rest of the week.
    The elderly woman with the baby on back was in the first pastors meeting and she was healed of chronic pain and other issues.  The picture with all the pastors was the meeting this morning and that is one thing I do, is meet with the pastors and leaders of the city all over and God came down after the sharing and many, many pastors were touched by God.  Yesterday I was picked up by the couple you see in the other pictures.  He had a book in Spanish, When Heaven Invades Earth and asked my opinion.  I had a translator that I had to like repeat 4-5 times all day long but we made it!  I shared the gospel of the kingdom message with him and I said, it would be great to demonstrate it today!  They took me to the highest place in the city where there is this white statue of Jesus that people come from all over to see.  It was a walk for sure.  When we got there, there was the woman with the llama as you see and my translator knew Quecha, the language of the peoples in the Andes so I struck up a conversation.  The pastors watched.  I blessed her financially, asked if we could pray for the work she was doing, found out she was ill, very ill actually with heart and stomach problems and pain and then shared with her Gods heart for her, had the pastors wife pray for her, she was healed then led her to Jesus.  She was so wonderfully blessed and her whole countenance changed.  There were tourists all around watching.  I told the pastors, bring your people up here once a week, have a picnic, they are all here to meet God and be touched by Him.  The other guy you see us with was a guy who took pictures for money and same thing happened to him.  When he gave his life to Jesus, his whole face lit up and he was obviously very impacted by the Spirit of God.  
     The other woman was selling things and while the pastor and I were leading this man to the Lord, the pastors wife had gotten the idea and went down and led her to Jesus.  I went down and gave her some money, also blessed the photographer and before that he gave me a gift of a picture with me and the others overlooking the city.  By the way, the photographer had leg problems and pain, and was instantly healed.  Then I went to the pastors home, had a great meal, met and ministered to his sons and God is just so good!!!
     So I have only been here since 3am Sunday morning and just beginning to see the works of God.  I will be leaving for Arequipa on Saturday and speaking in the largest church there Sunday morning and will be there for a week!  Agree for great and mighty displays of His love!!!!
      And yes, much appreciation to all of you who are praying for me and covering our family during this time.  And great thanks to all of you who are sowing financially to meet all the needs we have to see me take this 3 week trip, I cannot do this without your love and care….blessings, pastor Earl