Having my morning touching base time before another day loving Lima!  Pastor Juanita shared with us last night before the first gathering of all their main leaders for a marriage encounter.  As you know her mom, Mama Rosita passed into the heavens suddenly on last Saturday morning, right when God was beginning an outpouring of His presence, power, miracles, healings, transformational encounters with Jesus and also hundreds being healed through the people themselves in all the services and outside in the city.

We listened to Pastor Juanita share the impact our being here has been for the family personally and what happened when we came to the hospital and also the last moments of her life.  One thing I shared from the Holy Spirit at the open casket was that God took her at the age of 87.  8 is the number of new beginnings and 7 is the number of fullness, completeness, seeing ALL accomplished among other meanings.  As she begins a new season of the glory of God in her life, God during this week as we came released a new beginning in the entire ministry, leadership, lives of the people, of the presence and power of God being felt and known and seen to, in and through the people of God here.  At this very moment of intense financial stress upon the church, upon the leaders and people, a moment where great exhaustion and weariness and attack was taking place, the winds of God began to blow and breathe life, joy, hope, faith, miracles, strength and empower the entire ministry.  And right in the week of the passing of Mama Rosita, God came to MCI and the Hoyos family.  Tiempo Perfecto, the perfect time!

This is way more than just a missions and ministry trip.  Last night to see the revelation of kingdom marriage strike the hearts of the leaders, the power of this truth then the healing of dozens and dozens of husbands and wives and marriages and what God did was breathtaking.  The humility of those that have been molested, sexually and physically, the brokenness of the men especially in ever uttering an abusive work and not seeing their wives as God does or in any way physically hurting them which is rampant in this culture was beautiful.  The hunger to have God restore all the years the locusts have eaten and in a moment seeing the power of God come upon and into them, and the new love flowing from husband and wife to each other, how precious.  The things that happened to them growing up that came into their marriages being touched by His love and mercy, He is a beauty for ashes God!

So just a quick update on this.  Thanks for your prayers and I was sick yesterday and last night, but God carried me through and appreciate your continued prayer for our health and strength to lay it all down to serve and love!  And yes, I encourage those reading this to make sure that every need for this trip will continue to be met, we do life together, and life flows as you read each day into the lives of so many in great need!  thanks, Pastors Earl and Jana