Santiago: 2004

Report by Nancy G Daniel:

The Philippines-A place where there are very little western creature comforts, yet there is an abundance of the presence of God –

I was overwhelmed at the beauty of the people in this very hot climate. The beauty was not just a physical beauty, but that of the spirit. They are a gracious people with servant’s hearts’. It’s no wonder that the Lord is blessing them with wonderful services where His presence is being poured out. They are hungry and continue to grow in the beauty of His holiness. They are broken yet joyful. God is there and I am grateful for the opportunity to visit this field.

I was sent out as the International Youth Facilitator. I had the incredible blessing of meeting their National Youth Pastor, Elynois. He is a young, yet powerfully anointed pastor/evangelist. He is funny and bright and God is all over him! I was honored to speak at a youth rally, where part of his very large youth group attended. Though there was a language barrier, these young people were hungry and worshipful. Remember that name, Elynois, I feel sure you will hear more of this incredible evangelist as he takes the youth (which is the future church) of the nation of the Philippines for Jesus. A side note: this young pastor ministers with all his heart and with only one arm. He lost the other one in an accident as a child. He is looking forward to getting married soon as well. They are believing the Lord for stable provision.

We visited many churches and each church was filled with young people. These pastors are young people. 20-25 year olds are pasturing churches. This is the age of our college students. In America, we don’t expect great spiritual effort from this age. We are tolerant of their sin nature and flesh drives. Yet in the Philippines, this generation is going out, two by two into areas where there are no churches and starting small groups then growing them into churches. All this is happening under the incredible umbrella and authority of Florie Sandiago. These young pastors are staying in fellowship. Very few leave. When I remarked to one of the pastors that this was hard work and there are no breaks, he replied that it was really fulfilling.

We saw great humility of spirit. Yet they wear the honor of Pastor with great poise and dignity. There are seven pastors without support. It takes very little to support them. (only $35 a month) Though this is long term it is well worth the investment. I encourage you to go to and find the Philippines page and read more about this wonderful work. You can also give online if you wish. May the Lord speak to you and bless you this Holiday Season. ~ Nancy G Daniel