This motto is part of Polyform’s Mission Statement says Mr Wolf Binder a structural Engineer, CEO of Polyform International Pty Ltd and inventor of the God inspired Polypanel system.  He had driven through the night from Polyform’s headquarters in Pietermaritzburg and back to make a personal assessment and was overcome when his hosts Southern Gateway Church Int. took him on a tour of the worst hit districts destroyed by the devastating fire which has rocked South Africa.

Even brick structures collapsed under the strain of the intense heat combined with strong winds. He was moved when doing an interview with one resident forlornly surveying his timber house where within minutes his life’s investments went up in smoke for which he is not insured. Here is a slide which was part of his presentation on Thursday at the Royal Hotel in Knysna

The system has Agre’ment certification which required fire testing at the SABS in Pretoria Their report which can be accessed on their website www.polyform.co.za. states that this composite reinforced concrete/polystyrene/ plastered panel system withstood the flames of a furnace for an amazing 69 minutes far exceeding the 30 minutes required by the SANS code. Wolf is registering Polyforms’ sister company named Co-ordinated Compassionate Action as a section 21 organisation which is geared to assisting in the reconstruction of disaster areas. He has been on 3 pro-bono visits to Nepal since the devastating earthquakes in April 2015 and last year was personally involved in training by Crisis Response International in America and then deployed to remove all the flood damaged furniture and timber components of the occupants of 2 houses caused by Hurricane Matthew.

Wolf is offering these and other disaster prone nations his Polyform systems particularly the A Frame version which can quickly be manufactured and erected on site providing  immediate permanent shelter for the victims to which other shaped Polystructures can later be added.  These are a further 50% cheaper than the Polyform system being used by a developer of a big 3 storey complex for Low Income residents in Johannesburg.  A Quantity Surveyor’s comparison proves that the Polyform wall and floor systems saves over 50% on conventional 220 mm brick walls and  shuttered reinforced concrete slabs besides providing excellent insulation. In fact tests done at the Durban University also prove that the system can be used for 20 storey buildings constructed manually.

The further reason for the visit to Knysna was on behalf of Business As Missions to identify some of the poorest in the informal settlements with whom they aim to build a few A frames. The further advantage is that the occupants can participate in the DYI construction as it requires no artisans.  Polyform is offering their full range of housing systems for Low Income Housing schemes where the community is involved, trained and families are then offered mini licences to commence their own businesses as seen in Polyforms’ Mission Statement which reads:

We believe that the Polyform ideas are inspired by God using composite reinforced concrete/ polystyrene as an alternative to all conventional reinforced concrete construction which are unique, easy to construct, have substantial cost savings, are earthquake, storm, flood and fire resistant, burglar proof and energy saving. Our motto for disaster prone areas is `Prevention is better than Cure’.

Polyform aims to provide efficient technical, marketing, practical and administrative support to Licensees and the professionals who specify our products.  Polyform undertakes to provide good service and quality control, pursue excellence and endeavours to develop individuals as well as communities as much as possible whilst growing profitably. At the end of projects families will be offered Polyform Mini Licenses to operate their own businesses in building houses and furniture.

Our aim is not just to provide systems to build structures but also to build holistic communities and homes whilst addressing the physical, social, spiritual and environmental needs.

Wolf can be contacted on 078 457 7002 or emailed at wolf.binder@polyform.co.za