Vaughn: Prophecy for 2011

Prophecy for 2011 by prophet Vaughn.

In the true spirit of prophecy, nothing really stands alone nor is any particular year without context in relation to the previous year or the years to come. I say this to highlight the implications and impact, of the previous years, on what he’s divine purpose for his people is revealed to be in 2011 through 2012. To correctly understand what God is about to do, it is acutely necessary to understand the workings and purpose of much of what God has been doing amongst his people through the preceding decade.

During the past decade God has:
A) released much empowering anointing into the body worldwide
B) brought to maturity and made available more good teaching than ever before

C) allowed the coming about of a global village world creating the potential for Ministry to span continental and cultural divides

Essentially, God has gone to great lengths to prepare us, nothing has been simply for our edification but has been a divine equipping for what is about to come to pass. Never before has there been a church on Earth more equipped and with more resources at their disposal than the current church.

While meditating what I believe God is saying to us for 2011, I could not think apart from all he had said throughout 2010. As I have taught many times, a true believer should have:
A) a correct worldview
B) a correct philosophy of history
C) a right philosophy of life

In this regard one cannot ignore the current global situation. It is impossible to ignore the current unsustainable global leadership framework. Is impossible to ignore the current global financial situation and It is impossible to ignore the current human condition of the masses. It seems obvious to me, that if history repeats itself, a global revolution is unavoidable. Throughout 2010 what I have heard in the spirit above all things is that God intends for this to be the church’s finest hour. Never before has the world at large been so ready for a demonstration of God’s love, grace and saving power. The call of the hour is to demonstrate the power of the ‘word’ and our true position as believers by manifesting the light of Jesus Christ in a dark world. This must be performed as it was by Jesus Christ; through signs and wonders we must supernaturally demonstrate God’s love.

The darker it gets, the brighter we must shine. That shining must be a demonstration of the fact that Jesus Christ really is the solution the world seeks. Additionally, our way of life, (not just our doctrine) must be a manifestation of the living truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ. This gospel must be borne as the true good news of an abundant life in Christ in this world and not merely as the good news of going to heaven when you die. As a correct view of the current global situation will reveal, the world seeks such a manifestation of truth.

Therefore, at the outset of 2011, I remind us all:
A) Ministry building must decrease and kingdom must be built with integrity
B) Church leaders must cease from practising earthly hierarchical leadership principles
C) Spiritual leaders must be ‘that’ and love true servant hood, seeing calling as the ones to whom they are called
D) Church must become an extra-institutional expression of heavenly life in which the lost can again find truth
E) Our evangelical endeavours must mature and become an extension of fatherhood and not the mere vocalising of a message
F) We must come to a faith that has the ability to manifest supernatural solution to those in need

These are just a mere basic fundamental statement of God’s heart regards our change of modus operandi.

From the worldly, socio economic, political and humanistic viewpoint; I see the following into 2011:
A) there will be no sudden recovery in the current economic stress
B) monthly the media will carry the surprise and unpredictable news of unexpected instability in diverse places
C) political, governmental and world leadership strategies plans and deal-making will continue to fail to bring solution to the world’s global or local problems
D) the masses will increasingly be a disillusioned youthful, un-fathered and multinational majority who are desperate for answers, for truth and something to live for
E) the very Earth itself will continue to groan as the body of un-saved humanity does and 2011 will not lack its share of natural disasters
F) amongst the mishmash of bad news, pockets of good news will be published as signs of grace and mercy where ever the smallest testimony of a ‘looking to the Lord’ is witnessed

G) as world leaders grow more desperate to institute control, more and more the true colours and true agendas will be revealed and in turn instability, unbelief and anger will grow

The church must seek intervention and role-play within these things through a demonstration of its self as being of a higher order and higher dimensional operation, in love able to bring supernatural solution to where the wisdom of man has failed.

One really can glean a pattern for what God is about to do through a quick examination of what the devil is speaking in worldly arenas. Where mere lies will fail him due to his estimation of what God is really about to do, he immediately seeks to pre-empt the move and corrupt it through the early launch of a counterfeit.

It feels like just yesterday that so many missed it through feeling obligated to have a say about Y2K. In like fashion many of God’s children continue to miss it, being deceived into fear, sidetracked by the manifestation of the counterfeit of the very thing God himself is about to do. We should not fear the entrance into a supernatural age but should leap at the opportunity, the church being the true spearhead of that which is truly supernatural. However, at the same time we should not feel obligated and subsequently sidetracked by coming up against that which the devil would have us believe he is spearheading. We should merely take the lead in that which is really our domain; the higher dimensional operation which is our being seated with Christ in heavenly places. The biblical men of God of old did not cower in the presence of magic but stood their ground and outsmarted it through the manifestation of true creative power. The unknown must become our comfort zone.

Therefore, just as the world speaks of New World order, it is really the Lord who is in the process of bringing about new order. Likewise, just as the world media noises abroad from every platform its own prophecies of coming doom in 2012 so we should shout from every rooftop the good news of a heavenly order that will supersede earthly disorder. Like a farmer will not plant before he has ploughed, so the Lord will not re-establish till he has shaken

In short, one cannot boldly and accurately speak prophetically into 2011 without having some to say of 2012. In the light of that I would have you first understand that 2012 will be a year of the beginnings of the establishment of the most powerful church body to ever walk the face of the earth. 2011 therefore, although seen as destabilising and debilitating, is really the natural reshuffling that must proceed the reordering.

What can we really expect? (Speaking to the church amidst the obvious increasing worldly global turmoil)

A) the age of the miracle worker is about to begin (signs and wonders of biblical proportions will be the everyday expression of the true believer)

B) true solutions to desperate situations will be supernaturally manifest as a demonstration of God’s love and power by the true believer

C) a new order of church leader walking in true love, servant hood and humility will lead God’s children into a new expression of church demonstrating more power than ever before

D) those who have failed to receive from the foundations God has laid up until now will increase in unbelief and those who have risked all to believe the word and growing in faith toward creative miracle power will begin to do great exploits.

What does this conclude for me for 2011?

I have over the past few weeks irrevocably heard the Lord concerning purity. I believe that the desire of the spirit for us at this time is to prepare ourselves for what the Lord will ultimately do. We must change from:

A) an outward seeking to an inward seeking people

B) a Ministry building to a character building people

C) a faith works to a love works people

To have the plans of God established in your life through this year, all that is necessary, is for you to allow the spirit of God to work deeply in you purifying your heart in preparation for his coming reordering. Transfer of wealth will happen but whether or not it will happen to you will be dependent on purity. Common translations, creative miracles, divine visitations and unusual, undisputable signs and wonders will happen but whether or not they become a reality for you will depend on the purifying of your heart. If you heard the word of the Lord and began your work in 2010 its endorsement into the coming order and manifestation of the kingdom of love will depend on your ability to establish your work as one of silver or gold or one of wood, hay and stubble as a consequence of the purification of your own heart.


I pray now in the mighty name of Jesus Christ that you would not be deceived but that you would establish yourself in the supernatural as a true son of God and a heavenly creature reborn of the heavenly seed. I pray that the spirit will guide you to true faith which works by love that you would have divine ability to manifest Jesus to your neighbour and together with your brother manifest the kingdom in a dying world. My prayer for you is that your work would be established as a work of silver and gold and that it would find its place in the soon-to-be-released kingdom order of God and that you by his grace and mercy and power will purify your heart that you may be a vessel of honour in the coming global move of God. May you be blessed in all truth in 2011, may you be established in all truth in 2012.