Elijah Miti

Thank you Jorge for all the prayers from Christ’s Mandate for Mission and Morning Star and the encouragement to forge ahead in Mission here in the Southern sphere of Africa. Your team has proved to the world that JESUS is Lord.

My passion for missions in my life started in 2008 and in 2010 I wrote a book entitled the Mission Field  after a wonderful Mission Trip from South Africa through Botswana, then Zambia and back through Zimbabwe into South Africa. By the end of the year I attended a Holy Ghost Conference in a city called Grey town in South Africa and my life made another twist as I soak the Lord and experienced the Power of the Holy Spirit to prepare me for my next mission trip.

Just before the end of the Year 2010 I was one of the speakers at a Three days Conference in Zambia (Central Africa) and I was the Last Speaker of the conference. The Holy Spirit moved and I closed the conference in another dimension, to God be the Glory.

As I return to the capital City of Zambia called Lusaka, A friend of mine told me that there was a developer who was selling plots for land. And immediately with no money I said I’m buying one. I went to the offices of the developer and got an application form and the way God works they gave me the forms and I was told that I can pay for the land in Three months. I paid the deposit on 7th January 2011 for the land and was given a go ahead to start building on it after receiving the offer letter; the process that takes three months was done for me in one day. In 2009 I started a Training centre in Pretoria South Africa called LIVE YOUR DREAM ACADEMY, and we have called the place under the same name with a Vision to build an Academy where Missionaries, Theologians, Pastors, Apostles, Evangelist, Prophets can be trained and equipped for Missions in a Bible School set up, because there are very few Bible Schools in Zambia. I have spoken to Jorge Director or Morning Star to partner with us so that once the institute is opened in Zambia we can be affiliated to MSU College of Theology to offer students in Zambia Certificates and Diploma Courses, Undergraduate, Graduate and Doctoral Studies.

Live Your Dream Academy Pastor Elijah Miti on the Land Puchased for Mission Academy Thank you for your support Morningstar, continue praying for us to raise funds to finish paying for the land and raise funds to Build. I look forward to working with you. God bless, Your Humble Servant in Christ Pastor Elijah Miti