Dear Pastors, intercessors, and mighty warriors of God: Greetings from Taiwan!

Thank you very much for your prayer for me for the past many times. Your prayer is so powerful that every time I go to China for a mission, God did many miracles and wonders through me. The sick people healed, evil spirit was cast out, many souls saved.

Last month when I was in China, there was a lady who lost her voice for three weeks, after I prayed for her, God healed her immediatly, and she can speak again. Another lady cough for six months, after I prayed for her, the spirit of infirmity went out and she got healed by the Lord. Another two brothers when I prayed for them, both of them started sweating, their one shorter leg not only grew to the same lengh, but also grew up 2cm tall. They told me that they felt the fire burning in their body while I was praying for them. Another brother I prayed for him for three times to cast out many evil spirits. After the evil spirits went out, his right bent leg can walk strait, and his left shorter leg also grew to the same length. Read more “Covert Taiwan Missionary Brings Signs & Wonders to Mainland China”