Koinonia Ministries

Koinonia Ministries has been working in Ukraine for 23 years, since just before the wall came down. We have around 100 churches spread out across the country. We have also trained around 10-12,000 leaders for the work of the ministry through our churches and ministry schools. We are mobilizing, assisting and releasing believers in Ukraine to bring in this harvest of souls that is here.

Koinonia Youth Culture is also gathering hundreds of youth from Ukraine and surrounding areas to bring the presence of the Lord in a new and tangible way. Fathers and sons are arising in Ukraine to bring real spiritual and culture change to the country. There are now thousands of youth that are passionate and totally dedicated to Jesus and his purposes for Ukraine. We see God moving in a mighty way in Ukraine, consecrating it and bringing it close to himself. Real unity and the “spirit of Koinonia” like in the new testament, which is real relationship/fellowship is spreading on a big scale.┬áThis is bringing healing. Ukraine’s destiny is great.

We have also set up a separate Ukraine relief fund through Koinonia ministries to assist the Ukrainian people that will need financial assistance in this crisis. Thousands are standing, fighting for and believing for freedom in their country. Many are paying the ultimate price for that freedom. Their love for country and freedom is evident.

Randy Strombeck