Testimony from Anchorage Moravian Church

“On the second night of the Post Fur Rondy Jubilee on March 5, 2012 at the Anchorage Moravian Church, Brother Rob Radosti gave another powerful anointed message of the Gospel from the heart; this gave opportunity for more young people to make commitments to our Lord and Savior! Truly was great to see responses from a good number coming forward for salvation. Praise God! It is also evident that a number of our people have received healings. We praise God that God has given us another citizen – Rob Radosti of Alaska who is willing to serve among the numerous Native people of Alaska. What happened here last night is touching more and more villages for Christ. Brother Rob, we love you and your family and you have my support and prayer as God the Holy Spirit guides and directs a new and anointed ministry among the Natives of Alaska that is rapidly expanding the Kingdom of God in this fair state. Again thank you for coming to the Anchorage to minister.”

New testimonies just in:

Young girl who flew in from a village hundreds of miles away to be delivered from self injury and suicide gets completely set free!


Woman in hospital for weeks with deadly infection now breathing on her own and showing signs of virus being reversed!