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Mwakibinga: January 2011

* Stephen Mwakibinga leads 35 churches, 42 pastors, cares for 220 orphans, and sends missionaries in other areas of Southern Africa. Also has school for vulnerable children and is building a Bible Training Center.


All Nations Harvest Minsitries International – is an apostolic-prophetic ministry to impact nations. We are sent people to serve the people of God. Our heart is to be a blessing (Gen 13:14-17).
We believe that God has a plan for every perosn(Psalm 2:8)regardless of their race, colour, church, language, tribe, nationality, social or age group (Rev 14:6).
On behalf of everyone here at All Nations Harvest and all our friends whom we value so much we pray God’s blessing on you.
Your dear friends,
Bishop Stephen and Rev Gladys Mwakibinga MISSION STATEMENT:
We are an apostolic/prophetic ministry called to reaching,caring,establishing,equipping and empowering people of all nations to towards a God given destiny.

Our aims include establishing and encouraging the planting of community churches,raising of outreach teams and evangelism through crusades and church planting. We want to train and equip Leaders and the body of Christ for ministry and impact their world.Our passion is to Minister to the total man(wholistically). We are involved in serving and helping widows,Orphans and other vulnerables.
We want to strive for the unity of the body of christ by serving and linking up with other parts of the body.
The ministry has embarked on training and equipping people for the work of ministry.
Vitally important to our work are the Harvest Community Care and Empowerment Project (HACCEP) and our base, the All Nations Harvest Center.


All Nations Harvest Ministries Internation works in several different ways in different countries. These include the All Nations Harvest Bible College(ANHBC), All Nations Harvest Churches(ANHC) and Harvest Communtiy Care and Empowerment(HACCEP),

I. All Nations Harvest Bible College

The All Nations Harvest Bible College emphasises charisma with character. Our students are faced with many practical missionary exposures in different churches, countries and cultures. It is interdenominational and Christ centered. The school equips students to have an enriched relationship with God whilst facing
challenges of ministry. The ministry and work of the Holy Spirit is also a key.

II. All Nations Harvest Churches

All Nations Harvest Churches are a family of churches under the apostolic leadership of Bishop Stephen Mwakibinga. These churches are in different parts of Zambia and other parts of Africa. The vision is to plant churches where Christ is proclaimed and give people a home for their spiritual growth. These are churches planted both in urban and rural places. A lot of evangelistic efforts are vigorously carried.

III. HACCEP-Harvest Community Care and Empowerment Project
Zambia has one of the highest prevalence rates and levels of unemployment, poverty, HIV/AIDS, corruption and vulnerability in the world. In Zambia it is estimated that 20% of adults are functionally illiterate, and fully 50% of children under 12 years are not attending school. Given these figures it is hardly surprising that 50% of the adult workforce are unemployed.
The impact of Hiv-Aids can never be over emphasized.A large percentage of the population are Hiv positive While most of our people are affected directly or indirectly.
The majority of our people are vulnerable to food, income and physical insecurities due to the prevailing conditions.
The Harvest Community Care and Empowerment Project was formed after identifying the hardships that vulnerable people such as orphans, widows, elderly and non-employed youths go through, and the harm it may cause to them and the nation as a whole.
When we considered the rate at which the numbers of orphans, street kids and widows are growing in the community due to the HIV/AIDS pandemic, we took the initiative to come up with the project so as to appreciate and supplement the government effort for the great work they are doing.
Our target group is the many vulnerable people in the community, including unemployed youths, orphans, other vulnerable children, widows, elderly people who are looking after orphans, the disabled, the illiterate, prostitutes and street children.

I. Harvest Empowerment :
helps people to restore their dignity. Many youths and women left as widows with no support for their families end up on drugs or would resort to prostitution to find a living. The goal is to give them skills that can help them earn a living. Transforming their livelihoods by giving them a self supportive and empowered life that gives them diginity. Skills empowerment includes tailoring, knitting, computer skills,
carpentry and other practical skills.

Our mission is to work towards a disease and poverty free community by caring and empowering the vulnerable people.
II. The Harvest Christian Academy
The school is raised in the midst of the current crisis. Many children in the communities have no opportunities to be in school. The HIV/AIDS pandemic has left many of these with out anyone to take them to school and also homeless in some cases. Harvest Academy is focused on helping these children attain basic education. Attention is given to the total life of a child, spiritually, emotionally and physically. Currently the school runs in the church building. We trust God to supply so that we can build a school that will meet the childrens needs.

III.Harvest Child Care
provides care to the needy children. Orphans, street children and vulnerable children are reached, helping with shelter, clothing, feeding and education.We run an orphanage called DESITINED TO LIVE THE GOOD LIFE ORPHANAGE