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The coming Harvest is indeed great. We need spies, like Joshua and Caleb, to bring the faith reports of lands that God gives us for our inheritance, Psalms 2:8. We need short, mid and long-term teams to plant churches, school, and businesses to prepare for the Great Harvest. Our mission is to connect and equip with the simplicity, fullness, and power of the Gospel.

CMM was awarded the Platinum Transparency for 2024. This is the second year we have been blessed to receive this honor.


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  • 'Nothing learned from Oct. 7': Israel air force camp fails inspection May 28, 2024
    (JNS) -- IDF inspectors posing as thieves succeeded in infiltrating a sensitive Air Force site and simulating the theft of ammunition and weapons. Military officials criticized the facility’s lapse in security and the lack of discipline of the soldiers stationed there, saying that the lessons of Oct. 7 have not been learned. “We all learned… […]
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  • Should Elon Musk be paid $56 billion? Tesla shareholders get to vote May 28, 2024
    (CNBC) -- It may be the highest-stakes popularity contest in history. Friends and foes of tech billionaire Elon Musk are in the middle of a two-month battle over whether to reinstate a record $56 billion pay package for the Tesla CEO, months after a Delaware state judge struck down his compensation as improperly awarded. Read… […]
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  • After Raisi funeral, Iran's focus turns to vote for successor May 28, 2024
    After Iran mourned president Ebrahim Raisi, who died in a recent helicopter crash, the nation's focus turns to an election next month for his successor, with the conservative camp seeking a loyalist to supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.The lead-up to the early vote on June 28 has opened up the field to a broad range […]
  • Security Council set to meet over deadly Rafah strike May 28, 2024
    The UN Security Council was set to convene an emergency meeting Tuesday over an Israeli strike that killed dozens in a displaced persons camp in Rafah, as three European countries were slated to formally recognise a Palestinian state.AFP journalists on the ground early Tuesday reported fresh Israeli strikes overnight in the southern Gaza border city, […]