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The coming Harvest is indeed great. We need spies, like Joshua and Caleb, to bring the faith reports of lands that God gives us for our inheritance, Psalms 2:8. We need short, mid and long-term teams to plant churches, school, and businesses to prepare for the Great Harvest. Our mission is to connect and equip with the simplicity, fullness, and power of the Gospel.

CMM was awarded the Platinum Transparency for 2024. This is the second year we have been blessed to receive this honor.


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  • White House delays F-15 sale to Israel despite OK from Congress June 20, 2024
    (JNS) -- The White House is holding up delivery of a fleet of F-15 jet fighters to Israel. The $18 billion sale of 50 fighter planes is “one of the largest arms deals with Israel in recent years,” the Wall Street Journal reported. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu: “When Secretary Blinken was recently here in Israel,…
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  • Russia and North Korea come to mutual defense agreement June 19, 2024
    Russian President Vladimir Putin and North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un have signed an agreement pledging they will come to each other’s aid if either is faced with "aggression" from any adversary. While the details are not fully known, both leaders agreed that the pact is one of the strongest they have had since Putin's…
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  • Climate change made deadly heat 35x more likely in US, Mexico, C. America June 20, 2024
    Deadly heat that blanketed the United States, Mexico and Central America recently was made 35 times more likely due to global warming, an international network of climate scientists said on Thursday. The World Weather Attribution (WWA) group of scientists also said that extreme highs witnessed over that region in May and June were four times […]
  • Four in five people want more climate action: UN survey June 20, 2024
    Four in every five people want their country to strengthen its commitments to addressing climate change, according to a global poll of 75,000 participants published on Thursday.The survey by the UN Development Program, Oxford University and GeoPoll posed 15 questions by randomized telephone calls to people in 77 countries representing 87 percent of the world's […]