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The coming Harvest is indeed great. We need spies, like Joshua and Caleb, to bring the faith reports of lands that God gives us for our inheritance, Psalms 2:8. We need short, mid and long-term teams to plant churches, school, and businesses to prepare for the Great Harvest. Our mission is to connect and equip with the simplicity, fullness, and power of the Gospel.


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  • What Dems did with their complaints about local tax deductions August 13, 2022
    [Editor's note: This story originally was published by Real Clear Politics.] By Susan Crabtree Real Clear Politics Democrats have eagerly lined up behind Sen. Joe Manchin’s surprise climate change compromise, tucked inside the Inflation Reduction Act, despite warnings from some economic experts that the legislation would actually fuel inflation and burden the already gloomy economy.… […]
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  • FBI concludes Alec Baldwin must have pulled trigger in 'Rust' shooting August 13, 2022
    (WASHINGTON EXAMINER) – Alec Baldwin must have pulled the trigger to fire the gun that fatally shot a cinematographer on the set of the movie Rust, according to an FBI forensic report released Friday. The report comes 10 months after the fatal shooting of Halyna Hutchins on the set of the Western movie, and the… […]
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  • Fed-up Iraqis say feuding political rivals 'in another world' August 13, 2022
    Two rival Shiite Muslim blocs are holding competing sit-ins in Baghdad, ramping up tensions in conflict-weary Iraq, but shopkeeper Mustafa says he's more worried about how he's going to make a living."We have no work," said the man in his forties as a lone fan pumped hot summer air around his clothes store.The two camps […]
  • In Iran, Rushdie attack backers speak out, rest keep mum August 13, 2022
    In Tehran's book market, the stabbing of British novelist Salman Rushdie was on everyone's lips Saturday, but only those who approved of the attack dared to speak publicly.The author, who spent years in hiding after an Iranian fatwa ordered his killing, was on a ventilator in hospital after the attack Friday at a literary event […]