Creative Kingdom Giving

Your family, friends, or group (church, work, or online) can pray and pool resources to see lives transformed. You can receive updates to share the joy with your team.

Each of these opportunities has a $ amount listed, but feel free to give any amount in any of the areas as an individual or group.

Fuel for the CMM Global Fire

CMM is your trusted partner for sowing into the kingdom to impact and prepare the Bride of Christ. We are so thankful for our long-term friends who we know personally as they share the love on the front lines in God’s vineyard. We are grateful that you have chosen us as your compassionate and accountable mission family.

$100 Feed The Nations

Join us and bless our dear friends in their countries with $100 that will go a long way to feed these precious families.

$500 Support Beautiful Children

For $500 a month, a loving home awaits many dear children waiting to return.  We have long-term relationships with many ministries, homes, and thriving churches and invite you, your church, or homegroup to sponsor these precious children.

$800 Chickens, Roosters & Goats

Provide chickens, roosters and goats for industrious friends in foreign nations to create a means of community sustainability and growth. This is a small business for a hard-working group of people that want to spread the gospel through provision.

$8 Blankets for Refugees

Blankets for Refugees

Only new blankets are allowed in Iraq and Syria. Winter is cold there. Give warmth this year.

$35 Sponsor a Child

Sponsor a ChildFor about $1 a day provide housing, food, clothing, healthcare and school tuition for a child. Impact a life and bring fresh hope.

$10 Christmas for a Child

Christmas for a ChildBless a child in one of many nations who may only get 1 warm meal a year. They will receive a new toy for Christmas too.

$50 Free a Slave

Free a SlaveGive the gift of hope. Restore free and relocate those in sex trafficking in the world.

$15 Train Young Women in Uganda

Angelina, a professional tailor, trains young women to earn a living and helps local schools. These projects pay women so that they can be self-supporting. This will also help needy primary and secondary school students pay for their school fees.

$50 Sponsor a Pastor

Sponsor a Pastor subsidize a pastor for the first two years in the ministry as they teach a new congregation sowing and tithing.

$100 Refugees Care

Give life and hope for less than $4 a day to Christians fleeing persecution.

$300 Send a Pastor to School

Send a Pastor to SchoolFor only $300 a year you can send a pastor to school, this includes a place to live, food, and tuition for 1 year in Asia or Africa.

$2,000 Build a Well

Build a WellThis will provide clean, safe drinking water, hygiene training, and community development to believers, a strong witness to unbelievers also.

$500 Build a Church

Build a ChurchYour church, homegroup, or friends can impact targeted areas in Africa or Asia by providing a building for training souls and discipleship. A memorial plaque with your choice of words will be installed in the building