Greetings in Jesus’ Name. I write to you as people are gripped with fear and hearts are shaken. The word I have for you to be strong in the Lord in the power of His might. The God we serve will not leave you or forsake you. So be encouraged.
I wanted to share some news with you. Our ministry was helped by some people. This help made it possible for us to feed and take care of people in the UK and India. Right now we have been able to meet more than 500 people in India and at least 25 people in Carterton UK. We made packets of food that will sustain them for 10-14 days. On Easter Sunday we have 100 children in our community free chocolate to let them know Jesus loves them and he gives joy and life.
This was started because one brother from Kuwait helped us first then few friends joined to help us make it possible to help more.
A few months ago I was in Yemen and every 10 mins I one child dies. I saw dead children along my journey into Yemen. Yemen is a nation that’s blacklisted and no one is allowed inside but we entered to feed the children. I got into a fight while a feeding program was going on near Aden with Isis terrorist group, I escaped but came back with a broken rib and hairline fracture on my knee.
I made it a point in my life that I will do anything I can to save people and get help as much as I can.
With this coronavirus situation. I jumped into feeding and taking care of people in our community but then we heard cries from other places, we decided let’s do something and we are making it possible for them to have food too. Right now in India doing work in 5 places and in Nepal.
I would ask you to pray for us as every day I am out in my community serving and making sure people are fed.
Father’s Touch was able to help hospitals get a free KN95 mask in the US and UK.
Thank you for standing with you and allowing us to make a difference in this world. Your giving and your prayers have helped us so Thank you.
I have attached photos for you to see some grateful people because they for food.