18 March 2019

Dear Rehoboth Partners,

We hope each of you are blessed and well. At our last writing, there was so much turmoil taking place in Haiti. Unfortunately, there are pockets of the country where much violence is still taking place and where entire neighborhoods are ruled by gangs. Many of these gangs have heavier weapons than the police, a phenomenon which started under ex-president Aristide. Haiti is now listed at « Level 4 » at the U.S. State Department, which means foreigners are not encouraged to come at this time.

As Prit and I sat in a little restaurant in downtown Cap-Haitian, it struck me just how much Haiti is a land of such contradiction. The restaurant was packed with people, many of them who had just flown into the country. One woman walked in dragging her suitcase behind her. Yet, in another part of the country, a missionary doctor who had been serving here for 30 years was shot 3 times: in the neck, the cheek, and the shoulder. Fortunately, they were able to get him onto a flight out of the country quickly to receive emergency medical care in Florida. You can read about it below. What an incredible testimony!


Cap-Haitian is usually relatively calm in comparison with the capital of Port-au-Prince, located in the southern part of Haiti. Yet, just last week, two money changers on the streets of Cap-Haitian were gunned down by two men on motorcycles, having refused to turn over their American money to these thieves. Haiti is like the wild, wild West and our comings and goings are done with much prudence. Alongside this is an ongoing fuel crisis. We rode by the gas stations in the last couple of days. Both times, they were overflowing with cars, trucks, and motorcycles and their drivers were all vying for as much gas as they could afford. Try to imagine living in a full-time crisis mode. That is right where our Haitian brothers and sisters live. Yet…. Rehoboth Ministries is a bright light in the darkness. We are feeding and educating children, training up future leaders, and alleviating suffering on a level that only they can know.

Latest News

This has been a blessed season for us. We have been able to get some much-needed construction work done around the mission houses that’s been waiting for quite some time. Thank you Trinity Church of Tacoma, Washington, for helping to make that dream come true! We have just replaced two refrigerators in the two houses. (They don’t make them like they used to.) We appreciate Trinity’s help with that as well.

John and Gabe

John is now walking on his own two feet again. After four weeks in a cast, he is beyond happy to be able to wear his shoes and stand before his class. He no longer has to hop from place to place.

Gabe had an operation on his pinky and all went well. This past week, he had a screw removed and is still in the process of healing, but everything’s moving along nicely. Thank you for your prayers for BOTH of them.

Leaving Soon

Our grandson, Sam, turned 5 this month and we look so forward to seeing Ben, Deb, Sam and Lorelei soon. What a long year it’s been, (*Sigh*). We truly miss our family and are making plans to re-connect soon.

Since there is no Bible school graduation this year and our renter in Jacksonville moved out early to her own place, Prit and I will be returning stateside around May 15. Prit is actually working on the tickets as I type. We are looking forward to being stateside after such a tumultuous year and our home is beckoning us to return for a time of rest. John will finish up teaching in the English-speaking school at the end of May, and then can return for some much-needed R&R. We never leave Haiti entirely, for the ministry and the needs of its people forever weigh on our hearts.

Summer Schedule

Here is our summer calendar so far. If you would like us to come and share about Haiti, please let us know soon, as the calendar is filling up quickly.

    • May 25: Full Gospel Businessmen’s Fellowship: May 25 (K & W Cafeteria @ Bordeaux Shopping Center, Fayetteville, NC) 7:30 a.m.
    • June 9: Impact Church (Morehead City, NC)
    • June 12: Grove Park Baptist Church, (Clinton, NC)
    • June 16: Moncure Baptist Church (Moncure, NC)
    • June 30: Enon Chapel (Jacksonville, NC)
    • July 14: Rock Church (Tarboro, NC)

We wish all of you a Joyeuses Pâques (Happy Easter) as we celebrate the ultimate gift which was purchased for us. We have so much for which to be thankful. We’re thankful for you as well for having placed your hands on the plow with us and helping us do great things together.

Love, Prit & Dana