Greetings and good wishes in His mighty name. Safe and hope this will find you all well in His grace. Herewith I am enclosing the March 2019 monthly report for your kind information and prayers. I deeply regret to inform you of the serial blasts in Sre Lanks on Easter worship hours. Please do remember the bereaved and their families. May God grant wisdom and peace to those that are restless causing these inhuman cruel actions.

I also invite you to support the children in our care financially, by means of a donation or a monthly child sponsorship. Please click on the link below for more information on how to give through our non-profit organization in the USA, Friends of Children’s Village.



All the children are doing well and regular to schools and colleges and all of them are busy with preparing for their year-end exams. The Government declared half day schools (only morning sessions) in our state from 15 th March 2019 because of heat waves. Noe the new school timings are 7.45 am to 12.30pm. We are conducting study hours 3pm to 4.30pm at homes. The 9 th class children of Elizabeth Barrie High School, Bapatla organized farewell to all the outgoing 10th children on tbe 2nd March 2019, and presented them with Zip files, writing pads, Geometry Box and pen. 21
children both from Bapatla and Nidamarru Homes appeared for 10th class public examinations of which 13 are boys 8 girls. The 10th class public examinations started on 18th March and they had their last exam on 3 rd April 2019.

Degree 2nd year:-

There are 3 children in the Degree 2nd year Miss. M. Visali discontinued in the middle of the academic year remaining 2 children Mr. P. Vijay and Mr. K. Dileep are appeared for their year ending exams held in March 2019.

Degree 3rd year:-

There are 6 children in the 3 rd year degree course and all of them appeared for their final year degree exams held
in March 2019.

All the college children that are studying outside of the Home came to meet us on 2nd Saturday. We spent some time with them cleared their Bills.


All the children are doing well except 11 children from both Homes went to the Doctor and were treated for various problems. They are:

1. Mr. G. Syam Kumar of class from Bapatla Home treated for wounded on his right hand.
2. Mr. P. Aravind of 7 th class from Bapatla Home treated for boils on his buttocks.
3. Mr. N. Prem Paul of 9 th class from Bapatla Home treated for boil on his right leg knee.
4. Mr. K. Praveen Kumar of 2 nd class from Bapatla Home treated for Scabies.
5. Mr. M. Mahesh Babu of 10 th class from Bapatla Home treated for boils on his thigh and right pointed finger.
6. Mr. K. Lucky of 7th class from Bapatla Home treated for Fever.
7. Mr. K. Srikanth of 4 th class from Bapatla Home treated for Fever.
8. Mr. P. Vijaya of 10 th class from Nidamarru Home treated for left Ankle sprain.
9. Miss. G. Tirupathamma of 9 th class from Nidamarru Home treated for Fever.
10. Mr. P. Paul of 9 th class from Nidamarru Home treated for Insect bite on his left eye.
11. Mr. T. Bhuvaneswar of 4 th class from Bapatla Home treated for swollen testis.
Aged, Widowed & sick:
As usually the aged, widowed and sick that we support came to our Bapatla Home on 5 th March 2019 to receive
their monthly support.

HIV Support:

Children that suffer with HIV that we support came to our Bapatla Home on 7 th March 2019 to receive their Nutrition supplement and monthly support.
Parental Information:

Sorry to inform you Miss. G. Varshitha of 3 rd BSC and her sibling Miss. G. Axa of Inter 2 nd Year lost their maternal grandfather and care taker on 28 th March2019. She suffered from paralysis for the last 10 years until she died. As you know both of them lost their parents before they joined us. Mr. N. Sesha Rao of 7 th class is from our Nidamarru Home. His mother met with a Scooter accident on 12 th March 2019 and broke her right leg. Now Mr. Sesha Rao is at home attending on his mother.

Child Marriage:

Miss. L. Pravachana has completed her 3 rd Degree (B. Com computers) exams by 18 th March 2019 and she got married on 23 rd March 2019 with her maternal uncle’s son according to her mother and maternal grandparents wish. Her father killed himself by throwing himself under a running train on 15 th February 2003 and her mother is suffering from HIV. She had one younger brother Mr. Chandu Babu studying ITI 2 nd year. Both of them joined us after their father’s death in our Bapatla Children Home. Miss. Pravachana joined in the children home at the age of 9 while studying 4 th class during 2007 and her brother in 2 nd class. They have no house no land or any other properties. Still, they are living with their maternal aged grandparents as dependents.

Disciplinary action:

We handed over Miss. Anusha of 9th class from Nidamarru Home to her parents on 15 th March 2019. As usually, she went to school along with all the children and from school, she went out without informing anyone and she came back after some time as if she is coming from school. Some of our children saw her going out with one of the boys from her village. She did not listen to the continued counseling and warnings of the house in charge of Mrs. Kasturi and it became a regular routine for her. Unable to control her and for the safety of the other girl children we are compelled to hand her over to her mother. We decided to continue with our support until she
completes her 10 th class.


Miss. Saswathi a research student from USA, visited our home on 22 nd March 2019.

New Projects:

1. As we mentioned in our previous report (February) we Fixed Mosquito netting to the Iron grills.
2. Raising the height of the compound wall for the safety of the girl children at the end of our property in Bapatla