Bahamas: After the destruction, now what?

I was speaking with some Kingdom-minded pastors today in a meeting. In our meeting, it was mentioned that the majority of displaced persons from Abaco and Grand Bahama are coming here and indeed many have already arrived here in the capital. The first stop for many is in a large gymnasium where they will need to be fed, clothed and have to sleep until some sort of housing can be provided for them by the government or until they are accommodated by persons living in the capital.
We discussed the challenges that the government will have to sustain them over a longer-ranged period and the challenges that many pastors will have in doing the same. These ministers of God unanimously agree that God wants to use this crisis as an event to minister his Gospel in word and in deed to these people.
I spoke to them about the vision of a Storehouse where God’s people can take the lead and fill up the lack that the government is having and will continue to have, especially when the media coverage subsides. It has also been prophesied by many servants of God locally and internationally upon visiting the shores of the Bahamas, that Bahamas has some days of suffering that will ultimately culminate into a revival, but not be the shaking, shifting and rooting which has already started and will continue for a while perhaps even forcing a really early election. (The situation in Abaco is much dire that the international news is presenting and the Bahamian government is restricting media coverage so as not to look bad, but I am getting word that the death toll is exceedingly higher than what is being said.)

This event, as well as other events that have been recently in the making, are preparing the stage for a new cadre of political leaders. Many godly persons are inspired to fill the void that a soon to come to bi-election (early election to fill vacancies due to a vote of no confidence in leadership) would leave.  This will lead to a new form of governance (prophesied much by many) where the name of the Lord and the Word God will become the standard of the Bahamas. It will be the beginning of the fulfillment for many international prophecies as the Islands shall wait on his laws of the Lord. The Bahamas is in the divine providence of God for a mighty end-time work were many persons will come to know the Lord and be spiritually blessed and many of local and international missionaries will reside and retreat before being sent out to take the gospel all over the world.

There is much to say on this, but one of the gentlemen that I met with today is a pastor with a kingdom vision and he said to me that he is willing to assist in helping to get approvals for whatever might be needed to execute God’s mandate (his brother is an influential government official in this season). He also reminded me of a Christian, political-minded brother that works with him and is a lawyer that is also willing to assist.

Therefore I am minded to begin to start the process of the above (planning for a warehouse and learning the logistics for Kingdom procurement and inventory control).  This will accord with the Joseph-type strategic vision for provision for the mitigation of hard times in the coming in the days. The plan is to make many of the Kingdom-minded churches as distribution points for the needy where they not only receive needed goods, but the Word of God and are equipped with the Word of God and a vocation. This is opposed to having the government of the Bahamas steward provision through a secular and non-transparent political agenda.
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