Ministry Update

June – August 2017

Since last June Bangladesh has been suffering from Cyclone MORA, Devastating Floods and the influx of Rohingya Refugee from Myanmar.


  1. Thousands of people around Chittagong and Cox’sbazar are still homeless and suffering from food, clothes and primary aid affected by cyclone MORA.
  2. About 600,000 of people of around 20 districts affected by recent flood. They have no house, foods and other primary needs.

iii. Ongoing influx of Rohingya Refugee from Myanmar, due to military invasion. About 4 hundred thousand Ruhingya refugee entered Bangladesh by last 3 weeks staying in the south-east part of Bangladesh (Chittagong, Cox’sbazar and Bandarban). Over 200,000 Rohingya children are at risk says UNICEF. This is the top international news at present.

Prayer Request

  1. Kindly pray for suffering people by cyclone Mora, devastating floods over 20 districts and the influx of Ruhingay in the refugee camp. Kindly pray as we could show our love and passion by standing with them.
  2. Kindly pray for the church we organize at home. We want to build a church house. Our land and is ready. We need $1200/ for a semi-brick- tin shed church and Sunday school place.

iii. We have been praying for 2 missionary supports for Bangladesh especially for Chittagong and cox’s bazaar area. Kindly pray with us.

  1. We have been praying for some funds to start a micro credit project or small enterprise development project for our church member and neighbor community people.
  2. Need support for 10 poor children and 2 disable person around the church community.

Shankar Shikdar

Missionary for Bangladesh

Cell: +8801725377580


Please see Some Ministry Photos:

We arrange the church at home. We are praying for small fund to build a semi-brick & tin-shed church. Land is ready
Pst. Shankar and Pst. Alfa with a group of youth fellowship. They give volunteer service to the ministry.
WSA School
School Ministry William Shakespeare Academy, Dhaka