Shankar & Lusia


My name is Shankar Shikdar.  Missionary of Morning Star-CMM Missions for Bangladesh. Me and my wife Lusia have been ministering for Him since 2008 through our school, preschool, and church.


To reach the gospel to Hindu Community People in Bangladesh by setting up at least one lamp or light of Christ Center in each of the 68 districts of Bangladesh so that people can see the light of hope.


  • To establish health care or educational institution for needy people
  • To teach poor children or to provide health care service to connect the people
  • To share the gospel
  • Church planting
  • Bible school
  • William Shakespeare Academy: formal child education & after school coaching – 120 children in all

For the last two decades, the number of Christians remains the same. We have been dreaming to incrrease the number, not by our will but by the blessings of God. It is our duty to carry His words North, South, East and West.

God has given us many talents and giftings. Lusia is a good singer, teacher and social worker. She loves teaching spiritual music, lead choir and she teaches at our school called William Shakespeare Academy.

I have worked within football administration, legal aid adminstration and top leadership within a Christian organization. I started working as a language teacher and professor in English. In addition to administration, I love teaching, training and speaking.

We both want to use our talents and giftings for the sake of His kingdom.

Shankar & Lusia


My name is Shankar Shikdar, the fifth of my parent’s seven children. I was born in 1970 in a conservative Hindhu Family at Chunati, a medium sized village in the south-east region of Chittagong District dominated by Muslim Community. When I was the student of class six, I received a pamphlet (from my elder brother) of good news written with Shanti! Anondo!  Nischoyata!  Asha! (Peace! Pleasure! Certainty! Hope). Have you looked for them?

After completion of all courses, I was awarded a nice Certificate and the Old Testament (Holy Bible). But still I did not read those books and never thought of reading them but to decorate my table only.

From 1982 – 1989 I attended camping program several times arranged by BCS mostly in Banskhali Dishari Camp. We were taught about the creation of heaven and earth, how sin came on us, who took our sins, what we should do and how we can pray etc. My heart shook a little with the verse: I AM THE WAY AND THE TRUTH AND THE LIFE. NO ONE COMES TO THE FATHER EXCEPT THROUGH ME John 16:6. A reaction was generated in the very deep of my heart on creation, sin, redemption, truth, way etc. Why people need to be redeemed? How is it possible? Can it possible by traditional way: by worshipping god and goddess? Is it possible through obeying any social custom?

However one thing was clear to me that I was born in sin.  My good work could never save me from my sin. I started reading Bible. Romans 3:23 struck my mind: EVERYONE HAS SINNED. NO ONE MEASURES UP TO GOD’S GLORY. I realized that God loved me first without any condition. My heart trembled with the verse: GOD LOVED THE WORLD SO MUCH THAT HE GAVE HIS ONE AND ONLY SON. ANYONE WHO BELIEVES IN HIM WILL NOT DIE BUT WILL HAVE ETERNAL LIFE John 3:16.

In 1990 I had a great kidney problem and severe pain in my abdomen and admitted into Memorial Christian Hospital, Malumghat, Cox’s Bazar. Doctor gave me 2 options: first option was to do operation but no certainty and the second option was to pray to God only. I choose the second option. The Doctor and my brother prayed for me and our family.

I then submitted myself to Christ on that moment. It was on April 16, 1990. After 4 days I was completely well and returned home. The Doctor was amazed to see my unexpected healing. A great miracle happened on my life. A great joy fulfilled my heart. I have been baptized in 1992. Since then I am no longer the follower of Satan.

I got married with Lusia Moni Roy in December 2003. We both are involving with our ministry. Kindly pray for us. God may bless us all as we all are working for His kingdom together.