Tanzania water sources are the same in all seasons. For many years people in rural areas use unclean water. Because of this hardship, they tend to lose focus and direction to their future. 

  • This society walks as a form of transportation
  • For most, it is about 10km to a water source
  • People find water from the ponds which are near their settlement
  • Due to poverty, the contribution of money for the construction of wells have failed
  • During the dry season, people tend to look for any source near their home which is often unclean

Project Area and Beneficiaries

The project is expected to take place in Bariadi rural district the leading areas in Tanzania to produce clean water, The district was formerly part of the Simiyu region. It is located in the western part of Simiyu region which is in the Northern part of Tanzania. The project area is near 1300 people including children and parents in Bariadi rural areas  (Nyamongo Village).