By Jorge Parrott (All Scriptures from AMP version)

We all love children, especially our own. Our Father God created each child as His own supernatural gift of love. The Lord created the family as the best way to ‘train up a child in the way they should go.’ (Prov. 22:6) According to UNICEF (The UN Children’s Emergency Fund) there are one hundred fifty-three million orphans worldwide. If orphans were all in their own nation it would be the ninth largest in the world, bigger than Russia. Wars, violence, AIDS, disease, abandonment (sometimes due to a child being the wrong gender), broken homes and more are all fruit of man’s fallen nature.

James 1:27 “Pure and unblemished religion [as it is expressed in outward acts] in the sight of our God and Father is this: to visit and look after the fatherless and the widows in their distress, and to keep oneself uncontaminated by the [secular] world.”

Children with no parents make up seventeen percent. The majority (eighty-three percent) have one parent. We believe that the restoration of orphans (we call them beautiful children) to their birth family should be our ultimate goal. Pastors and leaders in our network have thousands of children under their care who have either no parents or only one parent. In third world nations, even with the child living in their home, families need help with providing the basic human needs of health care, education, clothing and a chance at a fulfilling and fruitful life.

We, as His Body, have a lot of work to do in releasing faith, changing mindsets and ending systemic poverty along with freeing captives of poverty, entitlement and every ungodly spirit and mindset, which leads to the pathway of transforming lives, community development, and long-term fullness and sustainability. This is all part of discipling nations and preparing the Bride for the return of our Messiah, Jesus.

Without any condemnation or becoming overwhelmed by these shocking numbers, we stand in this Kingdom that cannot be shaken, rooted in the peace of God that overcomes the enemy and that is beyond all understanding. We must remember that Jesus only did and said what His Father did and said.  As the Lord leads us by His Holy Spirit we inquire of Him and obey in responding to needs, seeking only to please Him by faith.  Each of us as part of His Body has a part to play, either in praying, giving or going.

Pocket Change

As catalysts and agents of change in bringing transformation globally, we can impact a child’s life for all eternity with our mere pocket change each month by giving them a solid Christian education, healthcare, nutrition, safe, clean water and hygiene training, clothing and when possible, helping them stay and thrive with their birth families.

For those children truly abandoned, we can sponsor and support Christ-centered orphanages giving these precious ones a loving environment to grow and prosper in. For a dollar a day or $30.00 a month (sometimes, it takes more than $30.00 a month per child to do this well and at times we double up partners depending on the local cost of living, teaming donors together to support one child.) We can each have a direct relationship and regular contact with a sponsored child. We invite you to even go visit your sponsored child.  My wife and I have sponsored several children since the mid 1990’s and we are so thankful each of those we sponsored are fulfilling God’s purpose either in the teaching, banking, or as pastors.

Surprise! Take These!

One of our missionaries in Malawi faced a real challenge when one morning he woke up to ten babies crying on his front porch.  He didn’t know where they came from.  He and his wife took them in. He prayed, and the Lord showed him to start an internet café to support these that were dropped in his lap. We have helped him and others start businesses with grants or micro-loans and creative ideas for community development and pathways to self-sustainability. We urgently need sponsors in the interim for up to two years, as newly surprised foster parents learn how to establish and activate holy faith and resourcefulness to follow the mandate we have in the Word to care for the ‘fatherless’.

Just when our friend in Malawi thought he had the care and maintenance figured out for the ten orphans given him, another ten were dropped off unexpectedly.  What would we do in that case?  Often when we don’t have a choice, it is amazing how the Lord provides.  This is just one example of what we hear regularly, working in seventy nations.  There are many success stories as well as sad ones, but by our faith compelled to action the Lord supplies. How does He want to use you to make an impact? We are blessed to bless others and to look into the eyes of a young child and seeing the prophetic beauty resident in their eyes and souls is one of the most rewarding experiences we get to be a small or large part in shaping their lives and their eternity.

Many of our Missionaries share similar stories about how once they have taken in even just one precious child, soon more come. We have high standards for care and love to take short term teams to visit and inspect, teach and train, and sow into the children and staff the heart of the Father and Mother to love the children even as our own.

Award Winning Home Honored By The Government In El Salvador

One of the orphanages we helped start in El Salvador, Casa De Mi Padre, has been cited by the government of El Salvador as the best in the nation. Now all the nation’s orphanages are required to visit this one to see the high standards which have presently initiated quality standards in all the orphanages in El Salvador. We give the Lord all the glory and there is still much more we can and should be doing globally. We invite you to get involved. You can PRAY, GIVE, and GO!

Focus: Veronica’s Kids

Veronica Freites was born in the Dominican Republic and has planted several churches in the inner city of Santo Domingo and in the Bani region. We have supported her for eighteen years.  Jose Javier and Jacqueline Javier Perez are pastors of an inner-city church planted by Veronica and for 15 years have faithfully hosted our visiting teams and held many conferences for us.  The Lord has blessed us with amazing connections, prophetic revelation and open doors in the DR. We pray for this ‘sheep’ nation to fulfill all the Lord has destined for it, and you and I can each do our part to impact many lives for all eternity for the glory of our Father.

Veronica has a great heart for the lost, the poor and especially children. She has hosted many teams and conferences we have sent our teams to participate and release faith and hope in the DR. Please pray and ask the Lord if you are to help some of these special needs below.  You can give any amount one time or monthly.  We kindly ask you to inquire of the Lord.

You can sign up for our free online Missions newsletter or give online at or call 803-802-5544 ext 392 or email

1) Angelo Lugo,14 years old. He is in need of a hip replacement and foot surgery.
2) Alejandrina Lugo, 20 years old. Mentally disabled, with a mind of a 5 years old. She also suffers from convulsions.
3) Feliz Suazo, 4 years old. He lacks basic nutrition. As a result, he’s more susceptible to illnesses. Feliz needs vitamins, food supplements as well as consistent meals.
4) Luis Céspedes, 5 years old. In need of school uniforms and supplies in order to attend school.
5) Yokensi Baez, 8 years old. She has Sickle Cell Anemia, mentally disabled and nutritionally depleted. Yokensi frequents the hospital due to her conditions.
6) Daniela Lara, 16 years old. She is mentally disabled, has a damaged heart and difficulty walking. Daniela misses many appointments due to the lack of resources needed to get into the City.
7) These young boys live in San Juan Chamelco, Guatemala where many Quechua Indians live near the tropical rain forest.
8) These awesome young people live in Cap Hatien, near Port Au Prince, Haiti.
9) Share joy with our amazing future generations.
10) These young men are from Fuga Island, in the far north of the Philippines.
11) These handicapped children were abandoned to the government orphanages in S. India, where the mortality rate for special needs children is eighty percent. Our friends there take in as many of these young lives as they can, by faith, and give them a healthy, happy Christian home with on-site nursing professionals and anointed teachers.

13) We have MorningStar Academy in Bahraich, UP India, near the Nepal border, with 500 students. At this school Hindu and Muslim parents must sign an agreement that their children will read the Bible, pray to the one true God, and parents gladly sign because this is the best school in the region.