BELIZE Journal May 2010


11/11 BREAKTHROUGH. I spent most of April at the Kansas City Awakening—the greatest move of God I have ever experienced in my life. It started back on 11/11/09 at the Forerunner School of Ministry when the Holy Spirit fell on a Bible class with such power that most of the students could not leave the room for the next 15 hours, nor stop shaking, confessing and bursting into tears or joyful noises at the mercy and grace of God. Their usually mild-mannered bespectacled professor Wes Hall declared with uncommon boldness that revival had come. Since then he has held meetings in a big hall four nights a week, six hours every night—with constant testimonies of healings and deliverances from incest, lust, shame, depression, self-hatred and suicide—and into the freedom and joy of the Lord.

On the same day, 11/11/09, a wave of revival also came to Caye Caulker. It began less dramatically when God moved on the heart of the mother of one of our high school students. She started a prayer ministry at our school, and we also started meeting at her home. Suddenly our children’s church grew to overflowing, half our students came to our meetings, Belizean teachers applied to our school as faith missionaries, and miraculous answers came to our prayers: some got saved, some got filled with the Spirit, some got revelations in dreams and visions, some prayed against a heavy storm threatening our Christmas party—and it immediately stopped—and almost everyone we prayed for got healed.

But at the first sign of trouble, almost everyone ran (see January issue). Belize has a history of short-lived revivals. None lasted longer than a few months. In our case, it was the fourth time God moved in power on our mission in the last four years. Of course we were attacked, as are all moves of God. “In fact, everyone who wants to live a godly life in Christ Jesus will be persecuted” (2 Tim. 3:12).

What’s the difference between the short-lived Belizean revivals and the Kansas City Awakening which keeps shaking more people’s lives six months later, with no signs of stopping? The key: simply prayer. God is the Source and Sustainer of revivals. Without prayer we lose our lifeline to God. Our recent revival started with prayer and ended when our prayer ministry was disrupted. The Kansas City Awakening started in a college based on 24/7 prayer, and keeps thriving on 24/7 prayer.

ROUND THE CLOCK, ROUND THE GLOBE. Its prayer base is the International House of Prayer (IHOP), which Mike Bickle started ten years ago. IHOP Kansas City now has about 500 full-time intercessors praying for global harvest. Before returning to Caye Caulker I spent four weeks in Kansas City getting oriented & connected to this center of unceasing prayer and missions. In IHOP’s 200+seat Global Prayer Room, worship teams work two-hour shifts. An intercessor at the podium leads out in passionate Scripture-based prayer for a city, nation or region. The worship team lifts up highlights from that prayer in song. More intercessors line up at the podium for rapid-fire prayers. The worship team turns the prayers into music, and the intercessors sing them to the Lord. Around the Global Prayer Room there are 14 Side Rooms for specific prayer targets. This prayer is a fire that never goes out, burning round the clock, round the globe. Like worshipers in heaven, “day and night they do not cease” (Rev. 4:8) lifting the tribes, tongues and nations of the world to the Throne.

I realized that this is where I must stay and keep seeking God for mission team members for Belize. Belize as a whole needs much more prayer. Readers of this Journal know I have traveled to the mainland almost every month for 12 years for prayer sessions with other Belizean church leaders. Despite stunning answers to prayers, the average attendance has been low. We need a revival that awakens converts to the need for discipleship, and disciples to the need for leadership, and leaders to the need for seeking God together more. Here at IHOP I can pray with intercessors daily instead of monthly!

Belize is also a difficult place to find faith missionary teachers, who can raise their own support until we have enough tuition income to pay them. Few Belizeans have undergone the discipleship or leadership training needed for faith missions. That’s what we can provide in our mission high school. We can raise up our own future teachers! Till then, we seek teachers who share this vision. Almost all of the 500 IHOP full-time intercessors live by faith, not by salary, raising their own support. Youth With A Mission, a training base for faith missionaries, has a chapter in Kansas City which also can be a source of teacher candidates for us.

POWER BASE. The Awakening is attracting visiting missionaries and church leaders from around the world to IHOP. Next to the Global Prayer Room is a popular café where I have already met dozens of contacts for both short-term mission help and long-term missionary teachers.

Here I can get to know teacher candidates and their church leaders personally, instead of fishing the Internet from our little island in Belize. Internet teacher sources are like Internet dating services—someone with a great profile and resume may turn out quite different once they move to this island. That was the big mistake I made in 2009: when our two Belizean teachers had to bow out, I was compelled to take on two US teachers whom I hardly knew, whose churches I did not know at all. I plan to engage in mutually accountable relationships with leaders of more church networks like MorningStar, Vineyard, and The Missionary Church International as well as IHOP, to develop and oversee future teachers.

THE GOOD FIGHT. I’ve been welcomed at IHOP to serve as full-time faith missionary intercessor (raising my support), though not on a permanent official basis—that takes six months to do. I’m only at IHOP till I establish personal relationships with teacher sources and find missionary teachers to take back to Caye Caulker. Here I will not only work with intercessors for Belize, but for various nations and causes. I wrote in the Feb. Journal that God had given me the heart to fight the good fight for other missionaries who are facing crises like we had. Together we can gain understanding of the dynamics of divine delays and tests–and sharpen our prayer and prophetic skills for future battles.

Here are a few of many relevant activities I can include in my weekly schedule while in Kansas City: Latin American worship & prayer team—On April 25 I led prayer for Belize in the Global Prayer Room with this team, and also received much prayer. Crisis Response International—CRI will be a great resource for our high school, which must preach and practice hurricane preparedness. African American Forerunners Alliance—in a dream God showed me that combating racism—a widespread moral virus in Belize—must be a high priority for us. IHOP believes the prayer movement will not reach its fullness until black leadership arises. This is also crucial for Belize. Malachi 4:6 for families with young kids, Samuel Company for preteens, Daniel Company for teens —I’m happy that the IHOP children’s ministry supervisor has invited me to get involved with these ministries, because they have many groundbreaking practices I’d like to introduce to Belize.

With like-minded people I can agree in prayer and action for divine outpourings on Belize as well as world missions. I plan to start Promises, Prophecy, Prayer & Praise pages for all my prayer burdens, ranging from individual Caye Caulker kids and families to neighborhoods, schools, villages, cities and the nations. This way we can track the progress our prayers are making. Contact me if you’d like emails of these pages. Or if you’d like to share your prayer burdens with me. Let us carry the pains of earth to the doors of heaven, then take the provisions of heaven to the needs of earth (Mt. 6:10).

Yours in Christ, George