End this wave of murder & evil,  send a wave of revival!

The enemy has been on a rampage in Belize. During April 4-11 alone―the week surrounding our most holy day, Easter, the day of resurrection life―there were six murders, three more attempted murders, and fourteen reported robberies and burglaries. People in our prayer network (including myself) are also under enemy attack. Intercessors are reporting many afflictions―severe pains in the head, lungs, stomach, etc. making thinking, breathing, eating and praying most difficult―afflictions that defy medical explanation. Our intercessors have also experienced in recent weeks sudden deaths or near-deaths in the family, in their neighborhoods, and at school. This is an all-out onslaught from the enemy. Just last night the George Street Gang leader and the young lady with him were killed. Today saw five more shootings in Belize City, which some say were in retaliation. All the downtown shops closed early out of fear. This flood of violence must stop. Raise with us the standard of concerted prayer till it ends!

AGREE IN PRAYER WITH US: Father God, Your Holy Spirit is deeply grieved. You are most holy, and You made us to be most holy. But we are seeing most wicked outbreaks of violence in Your beloved Belize ever since Holy Week. Life is being cheapened, people are feeling devalued as the cycles of death spread. We need a dramatic revelation of the death of Your Son―no lesser price could be paid to show how precious each one of our lives are. Set a guard over every human being here. Turn this culture of death into a culture of life. Let Your people manifest that culture. When the enemy attacks us, help us to resist him so he will flee. Help us submit ourselves to You, repent more deeply, yield more deeply, and receive more deeply the power of the risen Lord. Just as the time of darkness that led to Your crucifixion ended in the glorious day of Your resurrection, let this wave of evil end in new waves that lead to revival. Let there be light in Belize to show our sin, but also show us Your greater power to live a new life that lasts forever, and that no one can take away. Your life alone is our only sure defense. Show us how to live Your life without fear, be fruitful, and multiply!

In Jesus’ almighty name,