Dear friends & supporters,

The recent waves of killings in Belize, in the midst of the world economic crisis, made it all the more crucial for God’s people here to engage together in the May 27 Global Day of Prayer, to humble ourselves and seek His face. The Belize Association of Evangelical Churches assigned me to organize the GDOP in Belize City during this turbulent time. It took us some miracles and storm-stilling to pull it off, but God was faithful. He drew the biggest crowd I have ever witnessed at a Belize City prayer event, and released His Spirit in power on the intercessory leaders. At the end everyone present made 30+ declarations for Belize that pastors and leaders had previously agreed to (see photos and declarations below). In the process I got to know sixteen more intercessors–from all six districts in Belize–who want to connect with our new Belize Prayer Network, of which BC-HOP is a part (see Belize City House of Prayer Facebook page). Help us go beyond current mission expenses, which we are being stretched to meet, to finance a new website and the extra travel and phone costs. Your contributions will enable more divine connections for Caye Caulker and Belize!

GLOBAL DAY OF PRAYER IN BELIZE. This is an agonizing time for Belize. The month of April witnessed more than a dozen gangland murders in Belize City. School counselors did what they could to respond to students’ fears of walking their own streets. Then in mid-May, two popular school counselors were killed within four days of each other, one in a multiple-death car crash, another in what is called a crime of passion done by a gay partner. Counselors themselves became despondent and at a loss for how to cope with scandal and deaths in their own ranks. Many Belizeans turned to church leaders who, partly due to prayer, have been given more public platforms to offer God’s counsel to the nation.

In the midst of this intense time, the Evangelical Association asked me to organize the May 27 Global Day of Prayer (GDOP) in Belize City. God knows we needed more united prayer. Coming so soon after the strenuous activity leading up to the uplifting multi-church Call To Worship event, many leaders were willing in spirit to help prepare for GDOP, but hard-pressed for available time to commit.

Then eight days before GDOP, a truly great leader of leaders, Pastor Ensford Maskall of Zoe Ministries, died of complications following a series of strokes. This was a heavy blow to the Body of Christ which was already reeling from the recent wave of crises. Ensford, a good friend of mine, was a spiritual father to many believers. It was important to honor and remember him so that the new works God began in him would be completed in us. But events forced his funeral services to be set for 10 am to 6 pm the same day that the Global Day of Prayer would be held, at 6 pm that evening.

In the meantime unexpected pressures on our GDOP partners kept us from getting a song list and some speaker confirmations till two days before the event. In those two days we had multiple breakdowns—not only the printer for programs and the projector for songs, but our powerpoint creator’s car and malfunctioned at the same time, causing her to miss getting needed files at the local internet cafe. We scrambled for replacements, which God faithfully provided through gracious friends, up to the 11thhour—when I collapsed into bed, with barely enough time to sleep.

WAR IN THE HEAVENLIES. I was wakened early by a violent storm. Huge clouds were massing on the horizon. I tried to go back to sleep, then realized God woke me to pray against the storm that threatened to disrupt Ensford’s funeral. So I did my part, and God did His, driving off the clouds. That afternoon more clouds gathered which I didn’t see, being inside, but which another alert intercessor prayed away, as I learned later. It was a rare dry day in the midst of weeks of heavy rains!

Ensford’s funeral was an extraordinary, impactful life’s celebration which lasted all day. Many of our speakers arrived at GDOP late after paying their last respects. But everything else came together just in time for us to begin a little late but fully intact. More than 300 came, the largest prayer meeting I have ever witnessed in Belize City. And it was far bigger than just us. We were joining millions of Christians around the world for this annual GDOP Pentecost Sunday of storming the heavens to bring His kingdom to earth. For the first time we had much Spanish-speaking participation in our speaker list and audience, with professional translation for everything. The Spirit of prayer came on our speakers with great power.

It was hard for anyone to stop as we prayed at length for 7 crucial arenas of national influence: Family, Spiritual Life, Education, Economy, Government, Arts, and Media. The climax came at the end. We handed out a page of declarations for Belize that prayer group leaders had submitted, and that leaders and intercessors around the nation agreed to. These declarations express what we all believe God wants to do, and will do, in the coming season if His people affirm them with one voice. Below is what we all declared in unison. Agree with us, and see His power for Belize be magnified as a result!


We glorify You as the only true God, holy, loving and all-powerful, with all authority in heaven and earth.
We thank You that You have given us that authority to make disciples and teach them to obey everything You have commanded us.
We confess our sins in not loving as we should, not making disciples as we should, and not being the disciples You have made us to be.
We receive Your forgiveness for our sins and Your power to overcome them.
We release forgiveness for past offenses that have divided us and weakened the body of Christ.
We declare our unity based not on our own righteousness, but on our faith in Christ, His inerrant Word, and His incomparably great power for us who believe.
We declare God’s grace on us to resolve conflicts and show mutual appreciation in the body of Christ.
We declare that we are Your chosen people for such a time as this in the life of Belize.
We declare that Belize is under God’s special protection and care, because it is “founded on principles that acknowledge the supremacy of God” according to our Constitution.
We declare that God is supreme over Belize, where the vast majority of people profess to be Christians, and that He is our greatest defense against foreign invasions.
We affirm with the Constitution “the equal and inalienable rights…endowed by their Creator”.
We declare the right to life endowed by the Creator, starting at conception, and the illegality of abortion
We declare that sodomy is not a right endowed by the Creator because it violates His design for sex.
We declare that God designed sex for us to be fruitful and multiply within marriages producing families.
We declare that God provides a way for every sinful individual and broken family to be forgiven, healed and brought into right relationships.
We declare that the effort to legalize sodomy will see defeat after defeat until it is completely defeated.
We declare that the churches in Belize will keep growing in unity as we respond to the gay agenda with God’s better plan for marriage, sex and family.
We declare that God will raise up more Christian teachers and resources with biblical world views.
We declare that as we make more room for God in our schools, He will address every difficulty in learning and discipline.
We declare that God will provide a way out of gangs, and into fulfilling relationships, education & jobs.
We declare that the deception behind witchcraft, Freemasonry and cults will be exposed and weakened.
We declare that God will show us how to put our family and church finances in right order.
We declare that He will reward His good and faithful stewards with more resources.
We declare that He will pour out blessings on those who give tithes and offerings consistently.
We declare that God will show Belize how to survive and thrive in the current world economic crisis.
We declare that He will provide guidance and favor to Belize’s debt restructuring committee.
We declare that God will provide His counsel to church leaders whenever PM Barrow consults them.
We declare Holy Spirit conviction on those engaged in political corruption.
We declare grace for those willing to change their ways, and exposure of those who aren’t
We declare that God is raising up Christian political leaders to represent Him as well as the people.
We declare that God will lead musicians, artists and churches into deeper encounters with Him.
We declare that God will stir up musicians and artists to public displays of His glory through the media.
We thank God that LOVE-FM plans to have weekly broadcasts from church services, and twice-a-month broadcasts of Christian leaders discussing national issues.
We declare that God will use these broadcasts make His good will known and draw multitudes to Him.
We declare that God is preparing Belize for outpourings of His Spirit and abundant future harvests!

“Now to Him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we can ask or imagine, according to His power that is at work within us, to Him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, for ever and ever! Amen.”

Yours in Christ, George

To Pray, Praise, Prophecy, Preach & Practice what we preach