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Recently God spoke to me that “there is the sound of a heavy rain” (I Kings 18:41). The only sign Elijah received for this long-awaited outpouring was “a cloud as small as a man’s hand.” God can use our hands, as we pray and lay hands on the sick, to heal and do miracles now, and prepare the way for His glory clouds to pour down revival on our thirsty lands. Preparing the way also means being eager to confess our sins, as God reveals them, and receive His mercy, forgiveness and grace to extend to others. I have already seen almost every kid at Tree of Life get some healing when we pray for them. Now God is leading me to pray for hospital patients and seeing Him heal them too (see photos)! Soon I will be taking friends & intercessors with me to the hospital to exercise their gifts and see more get healed. If we are moving with God’s miracle power now, we can help to release His outpouring and keep flowing with Him as He reaches more and more of the world!

THE SOUND OF A HEAVY RAIN. On the 11th anniversary of 9/11 a series of attacks on US embassies began, prompting me to send out prayer alerts on the dangers of giving ground to militant Muslims. But on that same day I also began hearing good news in my spirit from the Lord, that “there is the sound of a heavy rain” (1 Kings 18:41). That’s what Elijah said to signal the end of a three-and-a-half year drought in Israel. And yet the sky was so clear that Elijah had to crouch down in travailing prayer and send his servant seven times to detect so much as “a cloud as small as a man’s hand…rising from the sea” (verse 44). It was not until after Elijah announced the rain to Ahab, that the sky grew black and the heavy rain fell. So I am praying and seeking the small cloud which will bring the needed outpouring.

“You know how to interpret the appearance of the sky, but you cannot interpret the signs of the times” (Mt. 16:3). It’s not hard to interpret the attacks on US embassies: Muslims are moving from worldwide covert action to worldwide overt action to weaken US influence in Muslim-dominated lands. As I wrote in the prayer alerts, God’s answer to that is to release an outpouring of His Holy Spirit to convert Muslim Sauls into zealous Christian Pauls—and, I might add, to convert many renegades in Christendom to Christ. But how do we interpret this heavy rain? What kind of outpouring will it be?

HEALING & MIRACLE CLOUDS OF GLORY. God answered that two days after 9/11: I opened a book, and the first chapter I read ended with several pages expanding on “the sound of a heavy rain.” It said that each ministry, church and city which cried out to God for an outpouring would be covered by a healing miracle cloud. The cloud would remain as long as people cried out for more. Many would come from a distance to be filled at these outpourings, go home to announce heavy rains as Elijah did, and bring a healing miracle cloud over their own locality. So how to we prepare for these outpourings?

In Elijah’s time Israel was not prepared. Though Elijah won a stunning victory over 850 prophets of Baal and Jezebel at Mount Carmel, the power of Baal and Jezebel quickly reasserted itself. Elijah fled from that power in fear as far as Mount Sinai, where he appealed to God to bring judgments down on apostate Israel. Instead God started over with a new prophetic ministry through Elisha to extend a grace period to Israel. God is now giving us time to prepare for the coming outpouring to become a grace period for a great harvest and not end in judgment.

In fact it might be better to begin with judgment—of our own sins. “For it is time for judgment to begin with the family of God” (1 Pet. 4:17)—judgment in the sense of repentance. Isn’t that how many revivals begin? When “a people living in darkness have seen a great light” (Mt.4:16), we see our sins more clearly and can exchange them for more of His glory. God is bringing a greater light into my life. I can see I need to get freer of anger, which comes out when I mutter things I shouldn’t say under my breath—and at times out loud. I don’t want this anger to grow to a point that I’m saying such things to people. So I’ve become accountable to a pastor friend to report every such incident to him. And since then the incidents have decreased considerably, by God’s grace.

Expose darkness to His light and the darkness must flee. “Confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed” (James 5:16). I’ve confessed my sins to friends and in turn they’ve been eager to confess their own sins so they can get free. I’ve made a covenant with my eyes not to let them wander when scantily-clothed women pass by. I’m replacing my “movie of the week” with a time of entering into His glorious Holy Place where He is showing me visions better than movies. More light brings consciousness of hidden sins, which we can uproot to make room for more of Him.

Then more of God can shine out from us into the world. “Arise, shine, for your light has come, and the glory of the Lord rises upon you. See, darkness covers the earth, and thick darkness is over the peoples, but the Lord rises upon you and His glory appears over you. Nations will come to your light, and kings to the brightness of your dawn” (Isa. 60:1-2). No one can deny the nations of the western world are sliding deeper into darkness and sin and debt and despair. It is time for the light of the Lord to draw them out!

KEYS FOR CLOSING & OPENING DOORS. At a Belize City conference last weekend I got some keys for preparing the way for His great light to come. Speaker Gary Carter has mobilized intercessors and leaders for citywide transformation in Drayton Valley, Alberta. I’ve taken more notes from his book, The Power to Effect Change, than any other book but the Bible. He preached last weekend on how to close doors to seven deadly sins: pride, lust, anger, greed, gluttony, envy and slothfulness. The enemy attacks us wherever we are weak in these areas. We must meet these attacks in the opposite spirit (Rom. 12:21), and overcome pride with humility, lust with purity, anger with gentleness, greed with generosity, gluttony with restraint, envy with appreciation, and slothfulness with zeal for the Lord.

We must close these doors that the enemy uses to undermine revival. We must move in the opposite spirit and open doors to relationships that will undergird and advance revival—relationships with humble, praying, servant leaders, who seek His face and are eager to turn from their wicked ways for more of Him. That’s what our Belize Prayer Network is designed to do. By God’s grace the conference enabled us to strengthen many of our relationships and initiate more.

AS SMALL AS A MAN’S HAND, RELEASING HEALING. We are still watching for “a cloud as small as a man’s hand” to signal the great outpouring of healing and miracle power. In the meantime I’ve realized that God can use my own hand to prepare the way—by laying hands on the sick. Two months ago I dreamed that a well-known Christian miracle minister was constantly encouraging me to make myself at home in his church, where heaven is touching earth and healings overflow to the world outside. I knew it was time to review his teachings, to soak in the atmosphere of heaven (are we not blessed “in the heavenly realms with every spiritual blessing in Christ”?-Eph. 1:3), and to release healing as the Spirit led me.

The last two times I’ve visited Belize City I felt led to go to the hospital and lay hands on the sick. As Jesus promised, He “confirmed His word by the signs that accompanied it” (Mark 16:20). Javier had a hard time talking and thinking straight due to a growing brain tumor. After prayer he thought and spoke clearly then lay back soaking in the presence of the Lord. Magdalena was in chains, writhing in torment because of an abortion she had had elsewhere. After prayer she lay back softly and gratefully weeping in forgiveness and peace. Harim was paralyzed from a bullet that hit his spine five years ago. As we prayed God gave him feeling in his feet. Mario was recovering from a stroke and could not lift his right hand without pain. As we prayed God took away the pain. Gerald was bedridden with gout and kept saying “God will heal me,” though he didn’t receive healing while we prayed. But his wife Constance, sitting by in a wheelchair due to severe arthritis, called out loudly, “Pray for me!” I have never seen such faith. She told me to hold her wheelchair as we prayed. She kept struggling, inch by inch, to rise until she stood without support, praising God because she could stand without pain! She sat down and stood again quickly without pain too!(see email photo)

My next visit was shorter due to the conference. All the patients I had prayed for ten days earlier were gone, even the paralyzed man, praise God! Jason had mysterious pain in three fingers for seven days that the doctors could not diagnose. As we prayed God took it away. Robert had hypertension that led to a heart attack seven days ago. As we prayed God gave him unusual peace. Sandy was confined to a bed after being weakened by diabetes attacks. After prayer she felt as strong as normal. Miriam lost circulation in her left arm when her blood coagulated near the elbow. After prayer she felt the blood flowing again. Color came back to her arm and she could squeeze her exercise ball harder than ever! (see email photo)

Also Javier, Magdalena, & Jason committed their lives to Christ. Another patient, Brian, recommitted himself. Your hands may be small, but use them to pray, and you will help us release the great outpouring we so deeply need.

Yours in Christ,

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