Receive our love and greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.
I apologize for taking so long to give you an update on the situation in Bolivia, but it seems that peace and normality will not be easily obtained.
On Monday, we finally were able to have a new president, a lady who seems to be fearful of God and who stated that she was only temporarily until we could have new elections. But it seems Evo Morales would not live us alone, he is lying to all the world saying that his resignation from the office was forced and that this is a military coup. Of course, he doesn’t admit he committed fraud and that he was instigating his people to attack their fellow Bolivians. The behavior of his people hasn’t changed. These socialist crowds say they want to protest peacefully but then they bring sticks and dynamite and start to destroy whatever is on their way, also doing pillage.
The worst days for us were Monday and Wednesday. Monday night we had trouble because the president was just starting her appointment when these hordes of socialist started to do ravage in La Paz our federal capital and also in our city. It got so bad that our neighbors called for a neighborhood meeting advising us to get sticks or bats to defend our houses and families if the mobs reached us. People had to make shifts to be alert of any unrest. Fortunately, the president fixed the line of command and the police and military went out to the streets to protect everybody.
Wednesday night the coca planters who are loyal to Morales started an armed mobilization from our jungles trying to enter our city and to cause havoc, it seems the Lord put His hands on this issue. They were coming a late night when it was dark and thought the military contingent deployed to protect Cochabamba was larger than expected and declined to fulfill their attack. I almost didn’t sleep that night trying to be ready to defend our fence if they tried to enter.
Yesterday, Friday afternoon they wanted to enter the city alleging a peaceful protest. When police stopped them and tried to negotiate a truce they started to throw dynamite and other explosives at them. Once police and the military used gas and other persuasion devices, the coca planters shot live ammunition and killed their own people claiming the police and military did it, but the military and police clearly stated that they were not using firepower. Later they found that the shells left after the shootings are not used by either the police or the military. They also confiscated rifles, dynamite, spiked sticks, and other weapons from the protesters, and arrested a lot of people. They have found Venezuelans and Argentinians instigating the mobs. The military suspects that even Cubans are in our country behind these movements.
They coca planters also damaged a gas pipe that brings natural gas for the stoves in our cities, so there’s a shortage of this basic supply and also of some food.
Thanks to God we were able to retrieve some funds and get some supplies to endure this continuing drama, but also to pay the bills which don’t stop in spite of the conflicts. But please keep us and our country in your prayers. We trust the Lord will multiply our funds and provide for our needs until some sort of solution is brought to our land. We continue to pray also that there won’t be more casualties and that the people of Evo Morales finally will stop the violence that they willingly bring to our country.
There are many testimonies of the Lord’s protection and provision for our fellow believers that I will try to share later in order to keep this update short.
Thanks a lot for your prayers, we truly appreciate them,