I’m sorry to flood you with messages about our country. But it seems the enemy is trying to grab Bolivia with tooth and nails.
Yesterday people tried to be calm and somehow enjoy the news, but the remnants of Evo Morales party started to do vandalism in different parts of the country during the night. In our town, they started to attack parts of the north of the city and caused havoc. Some of this was close to our home, but the Lord protected us and it didn’t reach our neighborhood.
But the saddest part of this small update is that in the north of La Paz, in a city called El Alto the enemy showed the clearest attack against the Body of Christ, they burned our churches and persecuted the pastors. This is a stronghold of Morales party. I can’t give all the details of how bad was the damage, we’ll find out in the next hours. The news is not complete right now, it seems the horde attacked TV stations and other news agencies too. We don’t have reports yet of the other stronghold of Morales in Chapare, the coca planter’s area. We hope they are not hurting the church there too.
So please keep our country in prayer, Satan is still active and trying to cause damage to Bolivians. Since the beginning of the conflict, we understood that the enemy had Bolivia prisoner through the president, now we see the confirmation of this by these events.
So please, please keep Bolivia in prayer, as the Bible teaches us,
“Howbeit this kind goeth not out but by prayer and fasting.” Mathew 17:21.

Thanks for your prayers and concern for Bolivia. Here’s a link that one of our friends from Ohio sent us that gives a brief outline of what’s going on in our country.

Today we had more clashes between citizens and the fighting groups who support the government. We had to open the doors of the church to help the wounded. I wasn’t able to reach the church because one of the brethren who were present there advised us not to go because people were angry and confused not knowing who was a citizen and who was trying to hurt others. We have started a group at home to pray and encourage the members of our church, there are fear and anxiety.
Please keep praying for Bolivia, hate among each group is raising, and the government is promoting it. They even went to the United Nations to lie saying that the citizens are the ones promoting hate and racism when in reality is them. We see that the devil is behind all this behavior because Evo Morales the president has publicly defied God, saying that salvation doesn’t come from heaven, only rain.
I’ll try to keep you updated. It’s a little bit difficult to sit on the computer because we have to walk or use bicycles to move due to the blockades and everything takes longer. We pray every day when one of us leaves the house because there’s always some risk. We still have food but people think we’ll have a shortage soon.
This is all by now, trusting the Lord, Yours in Christ, Jaime Jr.