August 2011
Dear co-workers on the vineyard of the Lord:

Greetings and love in our precious Savior Jesus Christ.

The beginning of this year looked a little uncertain, filled with difficulties and social agitation in our country, for the grace of the Lord through this uncertainty little by little we have found a way for our activities. Besides our regular activities on the church and the many conferences nation wide, we were invited on the middle of February to help in the church of Tarata, a town like 37 Kilometers from Cochabamba; we accepted this challenge with some fear. We have found a lot to do as days have passed because this is an active and working church, since they work in 7 new places around the main church. Today we need to pray many times to try to reach so many needs. And as this would not be enough, we will have an activity with like 100 children ahead. You can imagine that time is gold for us; and now we can beg the Lord for workers for His field to help us.

As we shared before, the conferences in Bolivia have been a source of blessing, since homes and families need solid Bible teaching. In Bolivia we face a lot of difficulties with married couples, and as a consequence the youth is going away from Bible principles, there’s a lot of immorality. The church has to fight strongly against this phenomenon.

Jaime Jr. has a lot of work with his ministry with the youth, he has a wide field with them, in this way his area of work is growing and he is of great blessing.

On the last months I have had many invitations to conferences, taking advantage of the evening services to evangelize. The Lord is touching the hearts and there are many coming to the Lord. In June and part of July I was in a place called Palacios, there we had an attendance of like 200 people who were there for 3 days attending the Bible studies; like 30 decisions were made for the Lord. Some days ago I went to a place called Tipa Tipa where we had 2 days of Bible studies, and 3 souls came to know the Lord.

Our fear when we accepted to help in Tarata was that we would not be able to fulfill the evangelization outreaches, but thanks to God we have had a growth on this activity too and we continue to guide souls to the feet of Christ.

On the other hand we feel more and more that our government is trying to rule over our daily duties and institutions, it seems they are closing their grip on every place or organization to get total control of our Country and push their ways. Just a couple of weeks ago another holiday has been instituted in our country to worship the Sun on the change of seasons (commonly called solstice of winter) disguised as the “Aymara New Year”. (The Aymara were another ancient tribe of people like the Incas who are still present in Bolivia). As you can see the enemy finds ways to keep his influence over our people.

Prayer requests:

We pray for a construction team to help us on some projects.
For wisdom from the Lord; I’ve been invited by our denomination to minister our pastors, nation wide as adviser and counselor.
Please keep our ministries and our families in your prayers, in order to be able to continue to witness and work freely in Bolivia.

We close this letter, but not without thanking you again for your involvement and support for the ministry of Bolivia; and your love and friendship, which we deeply appreciate,

Yours in Christ, Jaime Sr.